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Neofelis Verlag was founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, as an independent publishing house for academic publications in the fields of the humanities, cultural and social studies, and the arts. The first books came out in spring 2012; since then Neofelis is growing constantly, aiming in 2014 for 20 - 25 publications per year. Most publications are in German, but they also publish in English. Starting with 2 titles in 2014, they intend to publish 4 to 6 English titles per year. In 2015, they will launch the new journal Global Humanities - Studies in Histories, Cultures, and Societies in English.

The main thematic areas of Neofelis are Cultural and Social Studies, Jewish Studies, Theatre & Performance, Film, Literature Studies and Philosophy. They are also publishing in Human-Animal Studies, producing Tierstudien, the first German language journal in this field. Their aim is to bring together different forms of academic and artistic thinking about topics from the fields of history, culture and the arts, and thus their books and journals often include artistic, as well as academic, contributions. Neofelis Verlag also publishes selected fiction in German.

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