Latin America & Spain

  • Belize: Tracking the Path of Its History

    Belize: Tracking the Path of Its History

    From the Heart of the Maya Empire to a Retreat for Buccaneers, a Safe-Haven for Ex-Pirates and Pioneers, a Crown Colony and a Modern Nation

    By Renate J. Mayr

    The country of Belize belies its geographical location in Central America. It is a sparsely populated, English-speaking enclave perched between Spanish-speaking Mexico...

    Paper - 9783643904812 - $ 69.95

  • Competition Law and Policy in Latin America

    Competition Law and Policy in Latin America

    Edited by: Eleanor M. Fox, D. Daniel Sokol

    This book offers an unparalleled analysis of the emerging law and economics of competition policy in Latin America. Nearly all Latin American countries now have competition laws and agencies to enforce them. Yet, these laws and agencies are relatively young. The...

    Cloth - 9781841138824 - $ 190.00

  • Globalization and Development in Latin America

    Globalization and Development in Latin America

    Edited by: Richard Harris

    This volume critically examines the effects of globalization and neoliberal development policies on economic, social, and political conditions in contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean. The contributors provide a series of complementary perspectives on some of the most important trends and issues in this important region...

    Cloth - 9781897160022 - $ 49.95

  • Impunity: An Ethical Perspective

    Impunity: An Ethical Perspective

    Six Case Studies from Latin America

    Edited by: Charles Harper

    Publication Date: 1/1/1996
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9782825412039

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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  • Ireland and Spain in the Reign of Philip II

    Ireland and Spain in the Reign of Philip II

    By Enrique GarciĆ” Hernan

    Contributions by: Liam Liddy

    The first four chapters, chronological in order, deal with the phenomenon of Irish exile in Spanish lands and the Spanish monarchy's involvement with exiles and their cause back home. Two further chapters trace the progress of the Irish in the Spanish army...

    Cloth - 9781846821660 - $ 74.50

  • Latin American responses to neo-liberalism: Strategies and struggles

    Latin American responses to neo-liberalism: Strategies and struggles

    Edited by: Vibeke Andersson, Steen Fryba Christensen

    Latin American responses to neo-liberalism and globalization have been varied; and their responses to policies have often included social and political struggles. This volume presents diverse perspectives on these issues from a variety of perspectives, both theoretically and methodologically. The book is...

    Paper - 9788771120677 - $ 49.00

  • Layered Inequalities

    Layered Inequalities

    Land grabbing, collective land rights and Afro-descendant resistance in Colombia

    By Jairo Baquero Melo

    In Colombia, since the 1990s, thousands of Afro-descendants have benefited from collective land rights. However, many peasants have been violently displaced in order to introduce industrial crops, while several other groups of peasants resisted these agribusiness land...

    Paper - 9783643905598 - $ 59.95

  • O Acompanhamento

    O Acompanhamento

    Ecumenical Action for Human Rights in Latin America 1970-1990

    By Charles R. Harper

    In the 1960s and early 1970s, military dictatorships and juntas replaced elected civilian governments across Latin America. This book relates stories of Christians and their churches as they engaged in the struggle to uphold human rights, including the...

    Paper - 9782825414798 - $ 15.00

  • Playing Music, Performing Resistance

    Playing Music, Performing Resistance

    The Dynamics of Resistance through Music in the Colombian South Pacific Coast

    By Natalia Lozano

    Could it be that playing marimba music is an act of resistance? Could it be a peace practice? Are musicians from the South Colombian Pacific coast region performing peace by playing their vernacular music? This book...

    Paper - 9783643901880 - $ 29.95

  • Public Theology in Brazil

    Public Theology in Brazil

    Social and Cultural Challenges

    Edited by: Eneida Jacobsen, Rudolf von Sinner, Roberto E. Zwetsch

    Contributions by: Luis Marcos Sander, Hedy L. Hofmann

    This book brings social and cultural issues to the fore that are especially important for, but not exclusive to, the Brazilian religious context. How to deal...

    Paper - 9783643904096 - $ 44.95