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  • Gender Quotas for Company Boards

    Gender Quotas for Company Boards

    Edited by: Marc De Vos, Philippe Culliford

    Gender quotas for company boards are becoming a totemic issue of gender diversity policy in today's labor market. Throughout the Western world, many countries are experimenting with compulsory gender diversity measures for board rooms. The EU, as a whole, is considering to...

    Paper - 9781780682297 - $ 72.00

  • Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence

    Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence

    The legacy of the ICTR, Rwanda's ordinary courts and gacaca courts

    By Usta Kaitesi

    This book tackles an important and highly topical issue: examining how the experiences of victims of genocidal gender and sexual violence have been addressed on a theoretical and practical level. The book investigates the contribution of feminist...

    Paper - 9781780682105 - $ 66.00

  • Sexual Violence as an International Crime

    Sexual Violence as an International Crime

    Interdisciplinary Approaches

    Edited by: Renee Romkens, Charlotte Ku, Larissa van den Herik, Anne-Marie de Brouwer

    This edited volume focuses on developments in the prosecution of sexual violence in (post-)conflict situations. The prosecution of such cases raises new and challenging questions as to how to build evidence, as well...

    Cloth - 9781780680026 - $ 96.00

  • The Legal Status of Transsexual and Transgender Persons

    The Legal Status of Transsexual and Transgender Persons

    Edited by: Jens M. Scherpe

    The need to allow for a legal change of sex/gender, in certain cases, is no longer disputed in most jurisdictions. For European countries, there is no question as to whether such a change should be allowed after the decision of the European Court of Human...

    Paper - 9781780681962 - $ 107.00

  • The Women's Convention Turned 30

    The Women's Convention Turned 30

    Achievements, Setbacks, and Prospects

    Edited by: Ingrid Westendorp

    The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women is a treaty meant for all girls and women around the world. After 30 years, the Convention is still valid and necessary, both in developed and in developing States. This image...

    Paper - 9781780680859 - $ 126.00

  • Women in Prison

    Women in Prison

    The Bangkok Rules and Beyond

    Edited by: Piet Hein van Kempen, Maartje Krabbe

    Women are a rapidly growing minority in prisons. Prison systems, however, have always been determined by the behaviour of men. The 2010 UN Bangkok Rules form a body of rules that is specifically aimed at the needs...

    Cloth - 9781780684215 - $ 150.00

  • Women's Human Rights and Culture

    Women's Human Rights and Culture

    From Deadlock to Dialogue

    By Rikki Holtmaat, Jonneke Naber

    In all parts of the world, the implementation of women's human rights is seriously being hindered by gender stereotypes, religion, custom, or tradition - in short, by 'culture.' Culture is increasingly being used as an excuse to commit serious violations of...

    Paper - 9789400001374 - $ 44.00

  • Women's Rights Are Human Rights

    Women's Rights Are Human Rights

    The Practice of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    By Fleur van Leeuwen

    Women's rights are human rights! This notion may seem self evident, as the United Nations system for the promotion and the protection of human rights builds on the idea...

    Paper - 9789050959803 - $ 90.00

  • Women, Peace, and Security

    Women, Peace, and Security

    Repositioning Gender in Peace Agreements

    By Sahla Aroussi

    The adoption of Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace, and security in October 2000 marked the beginning of a global agenda on women in armed conflicts and post-conflict transition. This book discusses the context and the content of this UN agenda and...

    Cloth - 9781780683195 - $ 90.00