Islamic Studies

  • (De) Monopolising Paradise

    (De) Monopolising Paradise

    Edited by: Sultan Khan, Lubna Nadvi

    (De)Monopolising Paradise argues that some interpretations of Islamic texts serve to distance Islam from other communities. Originally published as Islam and Non-Muslims by M.I. Meer in 1956, this edited version offers an in-depth interpretation of Quranic verses, with the idea that unlike other...

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  • British Muslims and the Call to Global Jihad

    British Muslims and the Call to Global Jihad

    By Kylie Baxter

    Since the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States, Western Muslim communities have been placed under a social and political microscope. Omar Bakri Muhammad and his organization al-Muhajiroun, based in London from the mid-1990s until 2004, endorsed militant jihad and generated a very public profile...

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  • Civilization in Islam

    Civilization in Islam

    By M. Abbas

    The present work touches upon all the aspects of Islam. Beginning with evolution, struggle, fendamentals of Islam, values, polity and concluding at the present state of Islamic society, thus making this a comprehensive study of civilization in Islam. This study also presents the critical and comparitive review...

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  • Criminal Law and the Rights of the Child in Muslim States

    Criminal Law and the Rights of the Child in Muslim States

    A Comparative and Analytical Perspective

    By Nisrine Abiad, Farkhanda Zia Mansoor

    By analyzing legislative and judicial actions in a selection of Muslim and non-Muslim States in relation to the rights of the child in criminal matters, this book identifies the possible harmonization between the obligations of international human rights law...

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  • Dutch Islamophobia

    Dutch Islamophobia

    By Ineke van der Valk

    This book looks at a form of racism that has increased all over Europe for more than a decade. Muslims and Islam have frequently been portrayed unfavorably at the heart of public debate. Manifestations of 'Islamophobia' can be found on the internet, in politics, in...

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  • Economic Thought in Islam

    Economic Thought in Islam

    A Study of Alinomics

    By Sayed Afzal Peerzade

    In the last few decades, a lot of interest has been generated in the study of economic thought in Islam. In spite of several works published on the subject, not much has been written on the economic ideas of Ali (600-661CE), who was...

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  • Education Under Islam

    Education Under Islam

    By S.Z. Rahman

    Islam makes it mendatory for its followers to seek knowledge and travel to distant lands, in search of it. Holy Quran says that God has given us knowledge and skill to grab it and impart it to others too. For this purpose, Islam holds parents, teachers, rulers...

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  • Hasan Mustapa

    Hasan Mustapa

    Ethnicity and Islam in Indonesia

    Edited by: Julian Millie

    Hasan Mustapa (1857-1930) was a scholar, mystic and poet who studied in Mecca for thirteen years before commencing his career as an Islamic official in the Netherlands East Indies. He wrote a number of sufistic treatises on Islamic belief and practice, mostly...

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  • Innocence Lost

    Innocence Lost

    Islamism and the Battle over Values and World Order

    By Lars Erslev Andersen

    Innocence Lost examines how the matter of a number of cartoon drawings came to figure prominently on the international agenda. The book provides a description of the situation in the Middle East, including the background of the critical...

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  • Irish Historic Towns Atlas Volume II

    Irish Historic Towns Atlas Volume II

    Bound Volume II features atlases for Maynooth, Downpatrick, Bray, Kilkenny, Fethard, and Trim

    200 pages

    Publication Date: 12/31/2005
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9781904890102

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