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  • A Formative Decade

    A Formative Decade

    Ireland in the 1920s

    Edited by: Mel Farrell, Jason Knirck, Ciara Meehan

    In the aftermath of World War I, Europe's empires crumbled and a patchwork of new nation states emerged across the continent. As the map of Europe was being redrawn after 1918, Ireland too stood on the threshold...

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  • Bombs, Bullets and the Border

    Bombs, Bullets and the Border

    Policing Ireland's Frontier: Irish Security Policy, 1969-78

    By Paddy Mulroe

    'Bombs, Bullets and the Border' examines Irish Government Security Policy and the role played by the Gardai and Irish Army along the border during some of the worst years of the Troubles. Drawing heavily on previously unseen British archives, this book...

    Ebooks - 9781911024613 - $ 37.50

  • Creating History

    Creating History

    Stories of Ireland in Art

    By Brendan Rooney

    Upon leaving the National Gallery in Dublin during Easter week 1916, its registrar James Stephens was struck by 'the rumour of death and war' that gripped the air. One hundred years on, the National Gallery will evaluate these seismic historical events in its...

    Ebooks - 9781911024392 - $ 20.00

  • John Hearne

    John Hearne

    Architect of the 1937 Constitution of Ireland

    By Eugene Broderick

    Contributions by: Chief Justice Susan Denham

    This is the first-ever biography of the 'architect in chief and draftsman' of the Irish constitution. In the six-year period that it took to draft the constitution, John Hearne was involved at every stage alongside...

    Ebooks - 9781911024712 - $ 37.50

  • Sean Murray

    Sean Murray

    Marxist-Leninist and Irish Socialist Republican

    By Sean Byers

    This new biography explores the neglected life and political career of Sean Murray, who went from an unremarkable, rural, northern Catholic upbringing to General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, and was one of the most prominent left-wing thinkers of his era....

    Ebooks - 9780716532989 - $ 40.00

  • Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland

    Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland

    Edited by: Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy, Mary McAuliffe

    Contributions by: Maria Luddy

    This innovative collection offers a new understanding of sexual and gender politics in Ireland throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Leading experts in the field contribute to a captivating and controversial debate on...

    Ebooks - 9780716532866 - $ 40.00

  • Undoing Time

    Undoing Time

    The Life and Work of Samuel Beckett

    By Jennifer Birkett

    Since his death in 1989, it has become difficult to imagine that Samuel Beckett was once a virtually unknown writer. Born in 1906 into a respectable middle-class family in a Dublin suburb, he came late to fame in the early 1950s...

    Ebooks - 9780716532927 - $ 40.00

  • Welcoming the Stranger

    Welcoming the Stranger

    Irish Migrant Welfare in Britain Since 1957

    By Patricia Kennedy

    Contributions by: Jimmy Deenihan

    This lively book tells the untold story of the crucial work carried out by the Irish Emigrant Chaplaincy on behalf of Irish emigrants in Britain for over half a century. The service was established by the Catholic...

    Ebooks - 9780716532958 - $ 40.00