• 'A Great and Noble Occupation!'

    'A Great and Noble Occupation!'

    The History of the Society of Legal Scholars

    By Raymond Cocks, Fiona Cownie

    The UK's Society of Legal Scholars - originally known as the Society of Public Teachers of Law - was created in 1909. The Society was fortunate to survive its first half century since it had few members,...

    Cloth - 9781841136783 - $ 68.00

  • 'Expert Privilege' in Civil Evidence

    'Expert Privilege' in Civil Evidence

    By Paul England

    Expert evidence frequently wins or loses cases. The importance of handling that evidence properly is therefore paramount. Fundamental to this is the application of privilege. Indeed, thorny privilege issues - relating to expert documents, drafts, communications, instructions, collateral use, joint statements, statements of replaced experts, etc. -...

    Cloth - 9781841133034 - $ 105.00

  • (B)ordering Britain

    (B)ordering Britain

    The Migrant, The Refugee and The State

    By Nadine El-Enany

    Not Yet Published
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9781849468022

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

    Cloth - 9781849468022 - $ 94.00

  • 21st Century Solicitor

    21st Century Solicitor

    How to Make a Real Impact as a Junior Commercial Lawyer

    By Steve Weiner

    This candid, no-nonsense guide to excelling as a commercial lawyer offers a frank and forthright look at the modern solicitors' profession. The book advises those who seek to make a career out of commercial lawyering, and it...

    Paper - 9781841133553 - $ 35.95

  • 50 Years of the European Treaties

    50 Years of the European Treaties

    Looking Back and Thinking Forward

    Edited by: Samantha Currie, Michael Dougan

    The essays which appear in this work are based on papers presented at a two-day conference held in Liverpool in July 2007 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European...

    Paper - 9781841138329 - $ 87.95

  • A Bank's Duty of Care

    A Bank's Duty of Care

    Edited by: Danny Busch, Cees van Dam

    In recent years, more and more clients and third parties have filed claims against banks for offenses such as for mis-selling financial products, poor financial advice, and insufficient disclosure of, and warning for, financial risks. The scope of the duty of care...

    Cloth - 9781849468114 - $ 114.00

  • A Casebook on Contract

    Fifth Edition

    By Andrew Burrows

    The fifth, fully updated edition of A Casebook on Contract offers law students the ideal way to discover and understand contract law through reading highlights from leading cases. Designed to be used either on its own or to supplement a contract law textbook, this book covers...

    Paper - 9781509907700 - $ 56.95

  • A Comparative Examination of Multi-Party Actions

    A Comparative Examination of Multi-Party Actions

    The Case of Environmental Mass Harm

    By Joanne Blennerhassett

    This monograph addresses the phenomenon of mass harm and how it may be resolved through collective redress. It examines particularly how such redress may be achieved through mechanisms such as multi-party actions. In order to do this, an analytical framework is created...

    Cloth - 9781509905294 - $ 108.00

  • A Constitutional Order of States?

    A Constitutional Order of States?

    Essays in EU Law in Honour of Alan Dashwood

    Edited by: Anthony Arnull, Catherine Barnard, Michael Dougan, Eleanor Spaventa

    This collection celebrates the career of Professor Alan Dashwood, a leading member of the generation of British academics who organized, explained, and analyzed what we now call European Union...

    Cloth - 9781849460460 - $ 176.00

  • A Critical Account of Article 106(2) TFEU

    A Critical Account of Article 106(2) TFEU

    Government Failure in Public Service Provision

    By Jarleth Burke

    A Critical Account of Article 106(2) TFEU: Government Failure in Public Service Provision offers a sceptical perspective on how EU law applies to public services. Article 106(2) provides that other Treaty rules may be disapplied in order to sustain a Service of...

    Cloth - 9781509912759 - $ 88.00