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Hall and Stott Publishing is an innovative new law book publisher, producing books and ebooks for law students and the legal profession.

 By closely researching the market and tailoring our law books to the needs of today’s students and practitioners, we aim to publish engaging and well-designed books that will provide a solid foundation in the subject and prepare readers for and in their professional careers.

 We guide authors through the writing process, providing dedicated advice on approach, style and layout, and ensure real attention to detail in the editorial stages. We also bring a personable and professional approach to marketing and selling our books.

  • Equity & Trusts

    Equity & Trusts

    By Sue Farran, Katharine Davies

    This book is directed specifically at law students, providing them with all they need to understand the complexities of the English law of equity and trusts in principle and in practice, while also providing them with insights into some of the debates that surround...

    Paper - 9780993336539 - $ 47.99

  • European Union Law

    European Union Law

    By Christian Dadomo, Noelle Quenivet

    European Union Law is written for students on LLB and GDL courses and aims to reflect developments in legal education. The book fully explores the core areas of European Union law while also setting them in a contextual and practical framework. The writing style...

    Paper - 9780993336508 - $ 47.99

  • Land Law

    Land Law

    By Louise Glover, Kate Campbell-Pilling

    Land Law gives the reader a sound knowledge of the current law and issues relating to land. Suitable for students on LLB and GDL courses, the included chapters are written for those new to studying law and those coming to grips with the subject...

    Paper - 9780993336577 - $ 47.99