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  • All In! All In!

    All In! All In!

    A Selection of Dublin Children's Traditional Street-Games with Rhymes and Music (Reprint Edition)

    By Eilís Brady

    Children's traditional street-games play an important part in the folklife of a country. This reprint will help parents and educators realize how happy children are, when given an opportunity to use their imagination and to...

    Paper - 9780901120854 - $ 19.95

  • Clar Amhran Mhaigh Cuilinn

    Clar Amhran Mhaigh Cuilinn

    By Ciarán Ó Con Cheanainn

    The rich repository of song in Irish in the National Folklore Collection is represented in this book of song from the barony of Maigh Cuilinn, Co. Galway. This book introduces the reader to over 450 titles, excluding variants and versions of songs. The songs were...

    Cloth - 9780956562814 - $ 50.00

  • Formation of a Folklorist

    Formation of a Folklorist

    Sources Relating to the Visit of James Hamilton Delargy (Seamus O Duilearga) to Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia and Germany, 1 April - 29 September 1928

    By Seamas O Cathain

    Formation of a Folklorist is the eighteenth volume to be published by Comhairle Bhealoideas Eirann in its series Scribhinni Bealoidis / Folklore Studies....

    Cloth - 9781905254286 - $ 70.00

  • Miraculous Plenty

    Miraculous Plenty

    Irish Religious Folktales and Legends

    Edited by: Sean O Suilleabhain

    Contributions by: William Caulfield

    For over 1,500 years, Ireland has been predominantly Christian. Religion has been a continuous force in various aspects of Irish life. As one might expect, a rich body of religious folktales and legends - both fanciful and...

    Paper - 9780956562821 - $ 39.95

  • The Festival of Lughnasa

    The Festival of Lughnasa

    A Study of the Survival of the Celtic Festival of the Beginning of Harvest

    By Máire MacNeill

    Garland Sunday and Domhnach Chrom Dubh are two of the many names of a festival celebrated by Irish country people at the end of July or the beginning of August. It marked the end...

    Cloth - 9780906426104 - $ 70.00

  • The Otherworld

    The Otherworld

    Music & Song from Irish Tradition

    Edited by: Tom Sherlock, Rionach ui Ogain

    Belief in the existence of a parallel world and in otherworldly phenomena has long been established in Irish tradition, and facets of such belief continue to be found in contemporary Irish society. This book, with two accompanying...

    Paper & CD - 9780956562838 - $ 39.95

  • Treasures of the National Folklore Collection

    Treasures of the National Folklore Collection

    Seoda as Cnuasach Bhealoideas Eireann

    Edited by: Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh, Séamas Ó Catháin, Rionach ui Ogain, Seosamh Watson

    Contributions by: T.K. Whitaker

    Treasures of the National Folklore Collection/Seoda as Cnuasach Bhealoideas Eireann is primarily a visual feast, drawing on the diverse collections found within the archive. The book...

    Cloth - 9780956562807 - $ 70.00