• British Colonisation of Northern Nigeria, 1897-1914

    British Colonisation of Northern Nigeria, 1897-1914

    A Reinterpretation of Colonial Sources

    By Mahmud Modibbo Tukur

    Contributions by: Michael J. Watts

    In this densely detailed and interpretatively nuanced study, Mahmud Modibbo Tukur lays bare the very foundations of the colonial state in what is now northern Nigeria. This is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the...

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  • Britten and the Guitar

    Britten and the Guitar

    Critical Perspectives for Performers

    By Benjamin Dwyer

    Benjamin Dwyer's book is the first important study of the guitar works of Benjamin Britten. It offers more than an objective analytical study of these compositions. Dwyer draws upon his expertise as a classical guitarist, composer and musicologist to deliver a multi-lensed examination of...

    Cloth - 9781909325876 - $ 90.00

  • Charlie One

    Charlie One

    The True Story of an Irishman in the British Army and His Role in Covert Counter-Terrorism Operations in Northern Ireland

    By Sean Hartnett

    'Charlie One,' the call sign for the most wanted targets of British Intelligence operations in Northern Ireland, documents the true story of an Irish Republican serving in Britain's...

    Paper - 9781785370854 - $ 19.99

  • Damages and Human Rights

    Damages and Human Rights

    By Jason NE Varuhas

    This book explores the theoretical foundations of human rights damages and it examines when such damages ought to be awarded, how they ought to be assessed, and the range of damages that ought to be available. The central thesis is that a vindicatory approach, modelled on...

    Cloth - 9781849463720 - $ 176.00

  • Faith Without Fear

    Faith Without Fear

    Unresolved Issues in Modern Orthodoxy

    By Michael J. Harris

    Faith without Fear examines key unresolved philosophical, theological, and ideological issues in the Modern Orthodox Jewish world, including Modern Orthodoxy and Haredi Orthodoxy as competing heirs to the pre-modern Jewish tradition, the challenge to traditional faith posed by modern biblical scholarship, and...

    Paper - 9781910383049 - $ 36.95

  • Power: A Conceptual Analysis

    Power: A Conceptual Analysis

    By Reinoud Bosch

    Power is a central concept in the social sciences. This book presents a systematic and comprehensive analysis of this concept. By broadly defining power as the relative ability to affect or receive, it develops the concept in the categories of power structures, personal agency, the exercise of...

    Paper - 9789462366800 - $ 79.00

  • Protest Nation

    Protest Nation

    The Right to Protest in South Africa

    By Jane Duncan

    South Africa has become a nation defined by its protests. Protests can, and do, bring societal problems to public attention in direct, at times dramatic, ways. But governments the world over are also tempted to suppress this right, as they often...

    Paper - 9781869143237 - $ 35.00

  • Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks

    From Convict Ship Captain to Pillar of Early Colonial Australia

    By Christine Maher

    Richard Brooks (c.1765-1833) was a man of self interest and entrepreneurial verve. Privateer, smuggler, convict sea captain, rum trader turned respectable magistrate and colonial squire, his life was a microcosm of early colonial Sydney, Australia. He was a...

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  • Richard II and the Irish Kings

    Richard II and the Irish Kings

    By Darren McGettigan

    The late medieval kings of England showed little interest in their Lordship of Ireland. They showed even less interest in the Gaelic Irish population of the island. Richard II, however, was different. This English monarch led two expeditions to Ireland in 1394-5 and the summer of 1399....

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  • Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Edited by: Eva Brems, Alexandra Timmer

    Stereotypes are beliefs about groups of people. Some examples, taken from human rights case law, are the notions that 'Roma are thieves', 'women are responsible for childcare', and 'people with a mental disability are incapable of forming political opinions.' Increasingly, human rights monitoring...

    Paper - 9781780683683 - $ 72.00