Art Catalog 2017
  • A Shipload of Women's Memories

    A Shipload of Women's Memories

    Narratives across Borders

    By Ann-Dorte Christensen, Marit Benthe Norheim

    This book is based on 18 life stories, as told by women over the age of 70 with roots in 27 different countries. Each story is analyzed as a unique account of individual experiences with strength, pain, and love. At the...

    Cloth - 9788771126006 - $ 32.00

  • Bridge in Berlin

    Bridge in Berlin

    Fragments of a journey between Necropolis and Elysium

    By Ole Pihl

    This graphic novel is a phenomenological poetic journey in time and space discovering the bridge's importance, exemplified and told from a certain bridge in Berlin: Friedrichsbruecke at the Museum Island. One of the protagonists in the book is the great...

    Paper - 9788771125764 - $ 32.00

  • Creating History

    Creating History

    Stories of Ireland in Art

    Edited by: Brendan Rooney

    Upon leaving the National Gallery in Dublin during Easter week 1916, its registrar James Stephens was struck by 'the rumour of death and war' that gripped the air. One hundred years on, the National Gallery will evaluate these seismic historical events in...

    Paper - 9781911024286 - $ 40.00

  • Discovery of El Greco

    Discovery of El Greco

    The Nationalization of Culture Versus the Rise of Modern Art (1860-1914)

    By Eric Storm

    Now in English, this book, originally published in Dutch and translated to Spanish for the fourth centenary celebration of the death of El Greco in 2014, is a comprehensive study of the rediscovery of El Greco --...

    Paper - 9781845197445 - $ 34.95

  • Forensic Arts Therapies

    Forensic Arts Therapies

    Anthology of Practice and Research

    Edited by: Kate Rothwell

    The field of forensic arts therapies is dynamic and diverse, and so this unique volume covers a fascinating range of work. It brings together a collection of presentations given at the Forensic Arts Therapies Advisory Group (FATAG) conferences, case studies, research, new...

    Paper - 9781853432194 - $ 40.00

  • Fugitive History

    Fugitive History

    The Art of Julie Gough

    By Julie Gough

    Contributions by: Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, James Boyce, Brigita Ozolins

    Fugitive History: The Art of Julie Gough celebrates Gough's art practice, which has been central to her search for, and creation of, an identity for over twenty years. As an Aboriginal...

    Paper - 9781742585581 - $ 60.00

  • GeoBritannica


    Geological landscapes and the British peoples

    By Mike Leeder, Joy Lawlor

    GeoBritannica concerns the geological legacy of Britain, an inheritance bequeathed by its bedrock to the peoples who have lived on the island for the eleven millennia since the Ice Ages. Authors Mike Leeder and Joy Lawlor explain the geological...

    Cloth - 9781780460604 - $ 35.00

  • Harry Clarke's War

    Illustrations for Ireland's Memorial Records, 1914-1918

    By Marguerite Helmers

    Contributions by: Nicola Gordon Bowe

    Ireland's Memorial Records, 1914-1918 contain the names of 49,435 enlisted men who were killed in World War I. Commissioned in 1919 by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and published in 100 eight-volume sets, the Records are notable...

    Cloth - 9780716533085 - $ 85.00

  • Helen Grey-Smith

    Helen Grey-Smith

    By Gwen Phillips

    Told in the artist's own words via a series of interviews, this revealing biography of Helen Grey-Smith examines the dignified artist's fascinating life. Author Gwen Phillips gives us the rare opportunity to listen to an artist speaking their thoughts directly and to learn about their methods of...

    Paper - 9781742588230 - $ 55.00

  • Illustrated Glossary of Southern African Architectural Terms

    Illustrated Glossary of Southern African Architectural Terms

    English-isiZulu - an illustrated survey of historical terms appertaining to the indigenous, folk and colonial architectures of southern Africa

    By Franco Frescura, Joyce Myeza

    Since 1994, South Africa has undergone a steady erosion of its indigenous built environment, with a concomitant loss of indigenous building technology and its specialised terminology....

    Paper - 9781869143497 - $ 19.95