• 35 Years CISG and Beyond

    35 Years CISG and Beyond

    Edited by: Ingeborg Schwenzer

    This book contains the presentations given at the conference '35 Years CISG and Beyond,' hosted by the University of Basel, SVIR/SSDI (Swiss Association for International Law) and UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) in January 2015. The conference focused on open issues in regard...

    Cloth - 9789462366244 - $ 135.00

  • A Legal Framework for a Transnational Offshore Grid in the North Sea

    A Legal Framework for a Transnational Offshore Grid in the North Sea

    By Hannah Katharina Muller

    Most North Sea states consider offshore wind energy as a substantial contributor for reaching their renewable energy targets. To date, the standard approach for transporting the electricity to shore is to connect each wind farm with an individual park-to-shore cable. However, due to the increasing distance...

    Cloth - 9781780683348 - $ 174.00

  • A User's Guide to Data Protection

    A User's Guide to Data Protection

    Second Edition

    By Paul Lambert

    A User's Guide to Data Protection, 2nd edition covers all the compliance issues that organisations need to be aware of in order to successfully comply with the UK data protection rules and regulations, along with a full assessment of the EU Data Protection Regulations and their...

    Paper - 9781784512491 - $ 155.00

  • Alternative Enforcement of Competition Law

    Alternative Enforcement of Competition Law

    By Eva Lachnit

    Competition authorities are known for imposing enormous fines on companies that have infringed the law. However, most authorities are equally active in educating, deliberating, influencing, or preventing, to which end they have different enforcement instruments at their disposal. Imposing a fine (or issuing an order, or imposing...

    Paper - 9789462367074 - $ 142.50

  • Between Regulation and Deregulation

    Between Regulation and Deregulation

    Studies on the limitations of competition law and its ambiguous application to the supply of electricity and telecommunications in the EU

    By Christian Bergqvist

    It seems to be generally accepted by academics and practitioners that competition law is ill-equipped to deal with the complex world of telecommunications services and electricity due...

    Paper - 9788757436419 - $ 52.00

  • Brazil Infrastructure Law

    Brazil Infrastructure Law

    Edited by: Marcal Justen Filho, Cesar Pereira, Maria Augusta Rost

    This book offers the international reader a comprehensive view of Brazilian infrastructure law from the standpoint of key local practitioners. It is divided into two sections. The first part features a collection of essays on the most significant...

    Cloth - 9789462366404 - $ 292.50

  • Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment

    Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment

    Edited by: Yulia Levashova, Ige Dekker, Tineke Lambooy

    This book addresses the topical question on how national and international environmental concerns could be adequately integrated into international investment law. It covers the question whether international investment law restricts state sovereignty in an unacceptable way - in particular, the...

    Cloth - 9789462365872 - $ 142.50

  • CISG and Latin America

    CISG and Latin America

    Regional and Global Perspectives

    Edited by: Ingeborg Schwenzer, Cesar Pereira, Leandro Tripodi

    The CISG is a well-known, modern and effective law of sales that has fanned out from Vienna to the four corners of the globe. It has been introduced into the legal system of multiple Latin American countries,...

    Cloth - 9789462366534 - $ 292.50

  • Clearing and Settlement

    Clearing and Settlement

    Second Edition

    By Dermot Turing

    This second edition comprehensively explains, both in theory and practice, the complexities of the law and regulation surrounding the processes of clearing and settlement. Contents include: clearing and settlement and the roles of (and risks assumed by) the various participants in the post-trade marketplace; how the...

    Cloth - 9781784510695 - $ 310.00

  • Comparative Perspectives of Consumer Over-Indebtedness

    Comparative Perspectives of Consumer Over-Indebtedness

    A View from the UK, Germany, Greece, and Italy

    Edited by: Federico Ferretti

    This book explores the topic of over-indebtedness of consumers and their inability to repay their debts. With a large number of people having excessive debt levels across Europe, it not only impacts badly on the lives of those...

    Cloth - 9789462366732 - $ 127.50