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  • The Dialogue of the Ancients of Ireland

    The Dialogue of the Ancients of Ireland

    A New Translation of Acallam na Senorach

    Contributions by: Maurice Harmon

    English translation of Ireland's greatest collection of Irish stories and poems dating from the 12th century.

    Publication Date: 2/7/2009
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9781904505396

    Paper - 9781904505396 - $ 30.00

  • The Theatre of Frank McGuinness

    The Theatre of Frank McGuinness

    Stages of Mutability

    Edited by: Helen Lojek

    The first edited collection of essays about internationally renowned Irish playwright Frank McGuinness focuses on both performance and text. Interpreters come to diverse conclusions, creating a vigorous dialogue that enriches understanding and reflects a strong consensus about the value of McGuinness's complex work. REVIEWS...

    Paper - 9781904505013 - $ 30.00

  • Tradition and Craft in Piano-Playing

    Tradition and Craft in Piano-Playing

    By Tilly Fleischmann, John Buckley

    Drawing on long experience as performer, broadcaster and pedagogue, the author records what she learnt from her teachers about Liszt's interpretation of the piano music. Tilly Fleischmann n?e Swertz (1882-1967), who was born in Cork to German parents, studied at the Royal Academy of...

    Paper & DVD - 9781909325524 - $ 42.00

  • The Theatre of Marina Carr

    The Theatre of Marina Carr

    Before rules was made

    Edited by: Anna McMullan, Cathy Leeney

    As the first published collection of articles on the theatre of Marina Carr, this volume explores the world of Carr's theatrical imagination, the place of her plays in contemporary theatre in Ireland and abroad and the significance of her highly...

    Paper - 9780953425778 - $ 30.00

  • Sean Keating in Context

    Sean Keating in Context

    Responses to Culture and Politics in Post-Civil War Ireland

    By Eimear O'Connor

    Irish artist Se?n Keating (1889-1977) was a controversial and provocative figure in the quest for national identity in the early years of the twentieth century. He was a member and former President of the Royal Hibernian Academy of Art,...

    Paper - 9781904505419 - $ 36.00

  • Living in God without God

    Living in God without God

    By Roger Lenaers

    Contributions by: Dan Farrelly

    Leadership in the Church has still not taken account of atheistic modernity and its values. God still appears as a majestic figure on a throne up above, promulgating laws like any earthly monarch, and judging and punishing the guilty. Traditional ethics, based on...

    Paper - 9781909325418 - $ 17.00

  • The Irish Harp Book

    The Irish Harp Book

    A Tutor and Companion

    By Sheila Larchet Cuthbert

    The definitive tutor and companion to students of the Irish harp. This is a facsimile of the edition originally published by Mercier Press in 1993. There is a new preface by Sheila Larchet Cuthbert, and the biographical material has been updated. It is...

    Paper - 9781904505082 - $ 48.00

  • Death, Burial, and the Afterlife

    Death, Burial, and the Afterlife

    Dublin Death Studies

    Edited by: Philip Cottrell, Wolfgang Marx

    Essays on death explored through the disciplines of art history, classics, history, music, languages and literatures. The essays incorporated into this volume share an ambitious interest in investigating death as an individual, social and metaphorical phenomenon that may be exemplified by...

    Paper - 9781909325463 - $ 24.00