• A Formative Decade

    A Formative Decade

    Ireland in the 1920s

    Edited by: Mel Farrell, Jason Knirck, Ciara Meehan

    In the aftermath of World War I, Europe's empires crumbled and a patchwork of new nation states emerged across the continent. As the map of Europe was being redrawn after 1918, Ireland too stood on the threshold...

    Cloth - 9780716532828 - $ 85.00

  • Doug the Pug

    Doug the Pug

    A Working Dog's Tale

    By Cate Archer

    Contributions by: Alice Palace

    Doug the Pug is a charming little baggy dog, living in the United Kingdom. Here, he shares tales of his busy life as a working dog. Doug works with children in schools, helping them feel secure and comforted while the...

    Paper - 9781910455159 - $ 14.95

  • John Hume

    John Hume

    Irish Peacemaker

    Edited by: Sean Farren, Denis Haughey

    Contributions by: Bill Clinton

    John Hume - civil rights activist, founding member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), and leading politician in Northern Ireland during the long period of the Troubles - gained worldwide recognition and respect for his principled...

    Cloth - 9781846825866 - $ 35.00

  • Organizational Leadership

    Organizational Leadership

    New Studies in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    By Nicolai J. Foss

    Professor Nicolai J. Foss is one of the most well-published and cited European management scholars. He has made important contributions to the study of strategy, organization, and entrepreneurship - for example, breaking new ground in terms of stressing the need...

    Paper - 9788757434132 - $ 49.00

  • Out of the Shadows

    Out of the Shadows

    Beat Women Are Not Beaten Women

    Edited by: Frida Forsgren, Michael J. Prince

    This volume brings women's contribution to Beat literature, art, and their milieu out of the shadows, expanding the "Beat canon" to include and discuss works and persons which are frequently overlooked. By opening up the borders of...

    Cloth - 9788283140590 - $ 35.00

  • Peace Agreements and Durable Peace in Africa

    Peace Agreements and Durable Peace in Africa

    Edited by: Grace Maina, Erik Melander

    Peace agreements have become necessary and legitimate tools for resolving conflicts and bringing about durable peace. This book carefully analyzes African experiences with peace processes in order to identify how these can be enhanced to ensure positive and sustainable peace in strife-ridden areas....

    Paper - 9781869143060 - $ 31.50

  • Personal Engagement and the Study of the Holocaust

    Personal Engagement and the Study of the Holocaust

    Edited by: Noah Benninga, Katrin Stoll

    Can we have an objective history of a modernist event such as the Holocaust? How much 'historical distance' does, can, or should a historian have? Since Hayden White's Metahistory (1973), we have become used to asking these questions. Saul Friedlander's 1992 Probing the...

    Cloth - 9781910383056 - $ 89.00

  • Strategic Foresight

    Strategic Foresight

    Learning from the Future

    By Patricia Lustig

    This is a book is for leaders, to aid their practice in strategy, decision making and change - it's a very practical (field) guide to foresight and foresight tools. It's aimed at leaders in manufacturing, service, non-profit, government and fourth sector organisations. Strategic Foresight...

    Paper - 9781909470668 - $ 21.00

  • Terrorism and the Economy

    Terrorism and the Economy

    Impacts on the Capital Market and the Global Tourism Industry

    Edited by: Karin Glaser

    This unique anthology provides insight into the dynamics that shape the relationship between terrorism and the economy. The economic base of the Islamic State is addressed, as well as its impacts on the economies of Syria and...

    Cloth - 9789462365988 - $ 84.75

  • The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Theory and Practice, Present and Future

    The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Theory and Practice, Present a...

    Edited by: Yves Haeck, Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga, Clara Burbano-Herrera

    Along with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights serves as the main watchdog for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights in the Americas. Drawing on the case law of the Court, this volume...

    Cloth - 9781780683089 - $ 180.00