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  • Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

    Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

    Edited by: Saskia Hufnagel, Carole McCartney

    Rapidly evolving efforts to tackle transnational crime entail the exchange of intelligence across jurisdictions and state borders, as well as the 'linking' of law enforcement operations. This book provides a number of different perspectives from across Europe, Australasia, and Canada to examine recent...

    Cloth - 9781849467681 - $ 82.00

  • Constitutions Compared

    Constitutions Compared

    An Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law (4th Edition)

    By Aalt Willem Heringa

    The new edition of this handbook provides a user-friendly introduction to comparative constitutional law. For each area of constitutional law, a general introduction and a comparative overview is provided, which is then followed by more detailed chapters on the...

    Paper - 9781780683997 - $ 96.00

  • Women, Poverty, Equality

    Women, Poverty, Equality

    The Role of CEDAW

    By Meghan Campbell

    The stark reality is that throughout the world, women disproportionately live in poverty. This indicates that gender can both cause and perpetuate poverty, but this is a complex and cross-cutting relationship. In addition to this, the full enjoyment of human rights is routinely denied...

    Cloth - 9781509909742 - $ 82.00

  • The T-shaped Lawyer and Beyond

    The T-shaped Lawyer and Beyond

    Rethinking legal professionalism and legal education for contemporary societies

    By Elaine Mak

    What role, skills, and ethics should legal professionals have in order to contribute meaningfully to the challenges of contemporary societies? How should universities prepare students for their future roles as lawyers, judges, or legal scholars? In her inaugural lecture,...

    Paper - 9789462367982 - $ 20.50

  • The American Convention on Human Rights

    The American Convention on Human Rights

    Crucial Rights and their Theory and Practice (2nd edition)

    By Cecilia Medina

    The American Convention on Human Rights contains an in-depth analysis of and comment on crucial rights protected under the American Convention on Human Rights in the light of the decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. It shows...

    Paper - 9781780683218 - $ 150.00

  • On Opinions

    On Opinions

    A Concise Guide to Drafting and Evaluating Dutch Law Legal Opinions

    By Jan Marten van Dijk

    Entering into a transaction inevitably involves risks, including legal risks. If there is a Dutch connection, there may well be Dutch legal risks. The purpose of a Dutch law opinion is to analyze those risks....

    Cloth - 9789462367005 - $ 97.50

  • Negotiating Brexit

    Negotiating Brexit

    By John Armour, Horst Eidenmueller

    Brexit is on its way. By mid 2019, the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union, and it will have a new relationship with the EU. Getting to that point will involve complex negotiations untangling legal, economic, and political issues....

    Paper - 9781509919987 - $ 48.00

  • Legal Argumentation and the Rule of Law

    Legal Argumentation and the Rule of Law

    Edited by: Eveline Feteris, Harm Kloosterhuis, Jose Plug, Carel Smith

    Modern legal systems are characterized by a tension between two commonplaces: the Rule of Law on the one hand, and the arguable character of law on the other. The Rule of Law calls for legal certainty, predictability...

    Paper - 9789462367029 - $ 71.50

  • International Human Rights Protection

    International Human Rights Protection

    Balanced, Critical, Realistic

    By Marc Bossuyt

    Contributions by: Theo van Boven, Paul Mahoney

    International Human Rights Protection is addressed to judges and lawyers, diplomats and civil servants, researchers and students. It is based on the author's personal research and personal involvement with a wide range of subjects, such as: the...

    Cloth - 9781780684000 - $ 90.00

  • Duties Across Borders

    Duties Across Borders

    Advancing Human Rights in Transnational Business

    Edited by: Bard A. Andreassen, Vo Khanh Vinh

    Human rights are intertwined with large processes of globalisation. One of these processes is the rapid world-wide growth of multinational business enterprises. This volume argues that normative and legal developments to regulate and govern the behaviour...

    Paper - 9781780683768 - $ 96.00