• Constitutions Compared

    Constitutions Compared

    An Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law (4th Edition)

    By Aalt Willem Heringa

    The new edition of this handbook provides a user-friendly introduction to comparative constitutional law. For each area of constitutional law, a general introduction and a comparative overview is provided, which is then followed by more detailed chapters on the...

    Paper - 9781780683997 - $ 96.00

  • Complicity in International Criminal Law

    Complicity in International Criminal Law

    By Marina Aksenova

    This book tackles one of the most contentious aspects of international criminal law-the modes of liability. At the heart of the discussion is the quest for balance between the accused's individual contribution and the collective nature of mass offending. The principle of legality demands that there exists...

    Cloth - 9781509900084 - $ 114.00

  • Copyright Beyond Law

    Copyright Beyond Law

    Regulating Creativity in the Graffiti Subculture

    By Marta Iljadica

    The form of graffiti writing on trains and walls is not accidental. Nor is its absence on cars and houses. Employing a particular style of letters, choosing which walls and trains to write on, copying another writer, altering or destroying another writer's...

    Cloth - 9781849467773 - $ 94.00

  • EU Competition Law

    EU Competition Law

    An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases (Fifth Edition)

    By Ariel Ezrachi

    'This book is especially valuable for competition law specialists in Europe and abroad who are interested in the jurisprudence and policy of the European Union and its member states. Familiarity with the European regime is essential for proficiency in...

    Paper - 9781509909834 - $ 68.00

  • The Modern Family

    The Modern Family

    Relationships and the Law

    By Tim Bracken

    The Modern Family: Relationships and the Law explains in a concise and clear fashion the law as it relates to 'the family' and the relationship between its members. The definition of 'the family' has changed enormously over the past generation with the enactment of...

    Paper - 9781905536894 - $ 40.00

  • A Theory of Tort Liability

    A Theory of Tort Liability

    By Allan Beever

    This book provides a comprehensive theory of the rights upon which tort law is based and the liability that flows from violating those rights. Inspired by the account of private law contained in Immanuel Kant's The Metaphysics of Morals, the book shows that Kant's theory elucidates a...

    Cloth - 9781509903184 - $ 94.00

  • A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV

    A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV

    Edited by: Peter Robson, Jennifer L. Schulz

    This collection examines the coverage of law and justice on television in different countries around the world. It provides a benchmark for further study of the nature and extent of television coverage of justice in fictional, reality, and documentary forms. It does...

    Cloth - 9781509905683 - $ 94.00

  • Advising the Family Owned Business

    Advising the Family Owned Business

    By Nicholas Smith

    Family businesses form the backbone of the UK economy. They also provide the bedrock of the business client base of most professional firms. This book examines the legal issues of particular relevance to family owned businesses. Often those issues stem from underlying family dynamics. Therefore advisors, be...

    Paper - 9781846615573 - $ 109.00

  • Airport Capacity Allocation with Network Airlines

    Airport Capacity Allocation with Network Airlines

    By Claudio Noto

    This study provides a theoretical framework to investigate the efficiency of different airport capacity allocation schemes under congestion externalities and imperfect competition. The book's innovation is in considering an asymmetric market structure featuring a single dominant network carrier at its hub airport that endogenously differentiates its flights...

    Paper - 9783037518748 - $ 82.00

  • Between Regulation and Deregulation

    Between Regulation and Deregulation

    Studies on the limitations of competition law and its ambiguous application to the supply of electricity and telecommunications in the EU

    By Christian Bergqvist

    It seems to be generally accepted by academics and practitioners that competition law is ill-equipped to deal with the complex world of telecommunications services and electricity due...

    Paper - 9788757436419 - $ 52.00