• 1916 Portraits and Lives

    1916 Portraits and Lives

    Edited by: James Quinn, Lawrence William White

    Contributions by: Patrick Maume

    This book is a selection of articles from the Royal Irish Academy's Dictionary of Irish Biography, dealing with 42 men and women whose careers, in one way or another, were deeply involved with the Easter Rising of 1916....

    Cloth - 9781908996381 - $ 60.00

  • African Thoughts on Colonial and Neo-Colonial Worlds

    African Thoughts on Colonial and Neo-Colonial Worlds

    Facets of an Intellectual History of Africa

    By Sara Marzagora, Joanna Tegnerowicz, Felix Muller, Ninja Steinbach-Huether, Anais Angelo, Paulina Aroch-Fugellie, Lena Dallywater, Lutz Diegner, Myra Ann Houser, Janine Klage

    Edited by: Arno Sonderegger

    This collection shows the many facets of African engagements...

    Paper - 9783958080232 - $ 37.00

  • Arendtian Constitutionalism

    Arendtian Constitutionalism

    Law, Politics and the Order of Freedom

    By Christian Volk

    The meaning and function of law in Hannah Arendt's work has never been the subject of a systematic reconstruction. This book examines Arendt's work and reconstructs her ideas through political, legal, and constitutional theory, and it shows that her engagement with...

    Cloth - 9781849465847 - $ 102.00

  • Beyond Fukushima

    Beyond Fukushima

    Toward a Post-Nuclear Society

    By Koichi Hasegawa

    Contributions by: Minako Sato

    ''It finally dawned on us. The government was unreliable. Politicians and bureaucrats were unreliable. The media were untrustworthy. The brutal reality hit us that we had to protect ourselves...otherwise bury our heads in the sand or give up altogether.'' ***...

    Cloth - 9781920901257 - $ 89.95

  • How to Master Negotiation

    How to Master Negotiation

    By CEDR (Centre For Effective Dispute Resolution)

    How to Master Negotiation will guide individuals on how to prepare for a variety of negotiations, ranging from instantly recognizable transactions, such as deal negotiations, to the more intricate organizational and interpersonal negotiations that often give rise to conflict. The book will take...

    Paper - 9781780437965 - $ 110.00

  • Straw, Hay & Rushes in Irish Folk Tradition

    Straw, Hay & Rushes in Irish Folk Tradition

    By Anne O'Dowd

    In Ireland, the humble organic materials of straw, hay, and rushes were utilized throughout the centuries for a myriad of purposes. The heyday of their use as objects were the 18th and 19th centuries, when travelers to Ireland often wrote disparaging and derogatory accounts of what they...

    Cloth - 9780716533108 - $ 90.00

  • The Abyss of Time

    The Abyss of Time

    A study in geological time and Earth history

    By Paul Lyle

    Geologists are among that group of scientists who must factor the passage of time into their investigations, and they thus have a perspective on time that sets them apart from many other researchers. The proposition that geological time is vast,...

    Cloth - 9781780460390 - $ 36.95

  • The Contours of International Prosecutions

    The Contours of International Prosecutions

    As Defined by Facts, Charges, and Jurisdiction

    By Elinor Fry

    By nature, core international crimes have indistinct factual parameters. War crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide generally occur on a massive scale, spread out over a large geographical area and a long time span, involving many perpetrators at various distances from...

    Paper - 9789462366213 - $ 88.50

  • The Peacekeeper's Wife

    The Peacekeeper's Wife

    By Kevin Eze

    When Issa was sent as one of the several thousands to a peacekeeping mission in the Congo, Malika, his newly wedded wife, watched and waited in helpless horror, entangled in someone else's war. As Issa guarded the UN base, barring rebels from raping children and patrolling the...

    Paper - 9782359260441 - $ 15.95

  • The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond

    The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond

    Before and After the Battle of Clontarf

    Edited by: Howard B. Clarke, Ruth Johnson

    This book contains contributions by many leading scholars in Viking studies from Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavia, on diverse subjects including archaeological excavation, art historical analysis, linguistics, literature, politics, historical sources, numismatics, environmental remains, human remains, and...

    Cloth - 9781846824951 - $ 70.00