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  • Environmental Democracy and Law

    Public Participation in Europe

    Edited by: Gyula Bandi

    Environmental democracy has several roots and reasons, as well as theoretical foundations, which are taken as a starting point of research in this book. One interpretation of environmental democracy could be that it is a visualization of democratic procedural rights, one of the...

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  • EU Citizenship & the Constitutionalisation of the European Union

    EU Citizenship & the Constitutionalisation of the European Union

    By Hanneke van Eijken

    It has been 20 years since EU citizenship was introduced under the Treaty of Maastricht, yet it remains a topical and contemporary issue. The main research question in this study is whether and how European citizenship affects the constitutionalization of the EU. It connects European citizenship...

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  • EU Language Law

    EU Language Law

    By Stefaan Van der Jeught

    EU Language Law gives a comprehensive account of all language regulations and arrangements which currently exist in EU law. First and foremost, the book covers the various explicit and implicit language regimes of EU institutions, bodies, and agencies, explaining how and why they came about....

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  • Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights in EU Law

    Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights in EU Law

    By Sonya Walkila

    The grounds for debate on fundamental rights in the European Union are currently more fruitful than ever. Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, not only did the EU avail itself with its own 'Bill of Rights,' i.e., the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the...

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  • Introduction to Global Food-Safety Law and Regulation

    Introduction to Global Food-Safety Law and Regulation

    By Dario Bevilacqua

    The subject of global food safety law and regulation is new, evolving, and still not definitive. On one side, it concerns a particular specific sector that, despite being connected to several issues and social interests, still presents its own specific and original features, as a sectorial system...

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  • Property and Environmental Protection in Europe

    Property and Environmental Protection in Europe

    Edited by: Gerd Winter

    Imagine a factory that pollutes the air. If the government closes it down, can the operator allege undue encroachment on his property? If the government remains inactive, can the neighboring farmer demand that his/her property must be protected? These two questions point to two dimensions of...

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  • Sustainability, Law and Public Choice

    Sustainability, Law and Public Choice

    By Gyula Bandi, Marcel Szabo, Akos Szalai

    The context of sustainable development went through considerable changes since its 'official' origins in the 1980s. The original meaning referred to the right of development which must, however, be restricted by the interests of present and future generations. After the Rio+20...

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  • The Public Administration of the Internal Market

    The Public Administration of the Internal Market

    Edited by: Francisco Velasco Caballero, Fernando Pastor-Merchante

    This book is borne out of the observation of a certain gap in the legal literature on the European internal market, which has traditionally focused on substantive issues - such as the content and the scope of the rules on free movement,...

    Ebooks - 9789089521668 - $ 85.00

  • Towards Sustainability of Biomass Importation

    An Assessment of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

    By Andrea Schmeichel

    This book addresses the conflict between climate change, other environmental concerns (such as biodiversity), and international trade. It focuses on the relationship between climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection in the bioenergy sector, taking into account the specific situation for...

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  • Trafficking in Human Beings

    Trafficking in Human Beings

    A Comparative Study of the International Legal Documents

    By Demelsa Benito Sanchez, Ana Isabel Perez Cepeda

    Trafficking in human beings has become one of the most serious problems of the international community. Combating this phenomenon in an effective manner requires a comprehensive international approach of all countries. Being aware of...

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