• 1916 Portraits and Lives

    1916 Portraits and Lives

    Edited by: James Quinn, Lawrence William White

    Contributions by: Patrick Maume

    This book is a selection of articles from the Royal Irish Academy's Dictionary of Irish Biography, dealing with 42 men and women whose careers, in one way or another, were deeply involved with the Easter Rising of 1916....

    Cloth - 9781908996381 - $ 60.00

  • Antipodes


    In Search of the Southern Continent

    By Avan Judd Stallard

    Included here is a new history of an ancient geography. It reassesses the evidence for why Europeans believed a massive southern continent existed, and why they advocated for its discovery. When ships were equal to ambitions, explorers set out to find...

    Paper - 9781925377323 - $ 39.95

  • Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet For You

    Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet For You

    Can YOU Find the Facts?

    By Emma Milne

    Owning a pet is a big commitment, lasting years. Children and parents often don't think about the practical and financial aspects of pet ownership, such as providing it sufficient housing and protection, paying for vets fees, pet insurance, etc. In a fun and...

    Paper - 9781910455111 - $ 15.95

  • Chainsaw Operation

    Chainsaw Operation

    A Practical Guide to Safe Work Techniques for Chainsaw Operators

    By Karl Liffman

    Chainsaw Operation is a practical guide to safe work technique for chainsaw operators. The introductory chapter provides an overview of chainsaw development through the years. As such, there are a number of old illustrations. Further, this chapter offers...

    Paper - 9781925078725 - $ 29.95

  • Doug the Pug

    Doug the Pug

    A Working Dog's Tale

    By Cate Archer

    Contributions by: Alice Palace

    Doug the Pug is a charming little baggy dog, living in the United Kingdom. Here, he shares tales of his busy life as a working dog. Doug works with children in schools, helping them feel secure and comforted while the...

    Paper - 9781910455159 - $ 14.95

  • Faith Without Fear

    Faith Without Fear

    Unresolved Issues in Modern Orthodoxy

    By Michael J. Harris

    Faith without Fear examines key unresolved philosophical, theological, and ideological issues in the Modern Orthodox Jewish world, including Modern Orthodoxy and Haredi Orthodoxy as competing heirs to the pre-modern Jewish tradition, the challenge to traditional faith posed by modern biblical scholarship, and...

    Paper - 9781910383049 - $ 36.95

  • Introducing Natural Resources

    Introducing Natural Resources

    By Graham Park

    Over the many millennia that the human race has inhabited the planet, a practical use has been found for almost every natural resource that is here. However, since the Industrial Revolution, many of the resources that we have come to rely on are being depleted, some at...

    Paper - 9781780460482 - $ 24.50

  • Managing Bee Health

    Managing Bee Health

    A Practical Guide for Beekeepers

    By John Carr

    The crucial role that bees play in the Earth's ecosystem is well known. Over the last decades a dramatic decrease in bee health has been seen on a global scale. This deterioration is seen on a global scale in both domestic and wild...

    Paper - 9781910455036 - $ 70.00

  • Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks

    Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks

    Edited by: Fintan O'Toole

    Contributions by: Catherine Marshall, Eibhear Walshe

    100 artworks have been chosen for this beautifully illustrated book to represent each year from 1916 to 2015. They trace the story of Ireland's creative output from the revolutionary period until today. The story that emerges through these 100...

    Cloth - 9781908996923 - $ 50.00

  • Paint Me A Ship

    Paint Me A Ship

    By Robert Carter OAM

    Robert Carter, Fellow, Honorary Life Member and Founder of the Australian Society of Marine Artists, and Fellow of the International Society of Marine Painters, is the author and artist of the maritime history Windjammers: The Final Story, published by Rosenberg in 2004. Paint Me a Ship...

    Cloth - 9781925078916 - $ 59.95