• Art of Vesalius

    Art of Vesalius

    Edited by: Robrecht Van Hee

    This book is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564). Experts focus on Vesalius's life and work, the new insights he gave into the anatomy of the human body, and the influence he had on the medical profession throughout the...

    Paper - 9789044132243 - $ 64.00

  • Banksia Lady

    Banksia Lady

    Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist

    By Carolyn Landon

    This is the story of Celia Rosser, the internationally acclaimed botanical illustrator, who ultimately dedicated her life to painting the entire genus of Banksia, the only artist to have done such a thing. Celia's dedication to the task put her at the center of...

    Paper - 9781922235800 - $ 39.95

  • Blackstone and his Commentaries

    Blackstone and his Commentaries

    Biography, Law, History

    Edited by: Wilfrid Prest

    One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal tradition, William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769) has recently begun to attract renewed interest from legal and other scholars. The Commentaries no longer dominate legal education as they once did, especially...

    Paper - 9781849466424 - $ 26.95

  • Cloudless


    A novel in verse

    By Christine Evans

    It's a still, hot summer in Perth, Australia. The heat is shimmering off the city's glass buildings, with not much to do but surrender to the cool of Beatty Park's swimming pool. However, something is moving amid all the stillness - a hidden snake...

    Paper - 9781742587561 - $ 24.99

  • Eileen Gray

    Eileen Gray

    Her Work and Her World

    By Jennifer Goff

    Eileen Gray - the renowned and highly influential architect, furniture-maker, interior designer, and photographer - was born in Ireland and remained, throughout her life, an Irishwoman at heart. An elusive figure, Gray's interior world has never before been observed as closely as in...

    Paper - 9780716532767 - $ 59.95

  • Food of the Southern Forests

    Food of the Southern Forests

    By Sophie Zalokar

    Contributions by: Craig Kinder

    The Southern Forests region of Western Australia is one of the chief food-producing areas in the whole country. It is home to an extraordinary range of primary producers, from beef to bamboo shoots. Well-known Western Australian chef Sophie Zalokar (from the popular Foragers...

    Cloth - 9781742585512 - $ 59.99

  • Four Tipperary Saints

    Four Tipperary Saints

    The Lives of Colum of Terryglass, Cronan of Roscrea, Mochaomhog of Leigh and Ruadhan of Lorrha

    Contributions by: Padraig O Riain

    When St. Patrick was leaving Munster via the Little Brosna River, close to Tipperary's northern boundary, he is said to have given a blessing to the province's people - its...

    Paper - 9781846825507 - $ 19.95

  • Introducing Mineralogy

    Introducing Mineralogy

    By John Mason

    People have been fascinated by minerals since prehistory. The attractions lies in their colors, their beautiful crystal formations, the discoveries of their uses, and the metals that can be obtained from them. Minerals receive attention from a wide variety of people - mining executives, collectors, prospectors, and...

    Paper - 9781780460284 - $ 24.50

  • Lessons Not Learned

    Lessons Not Learned

    10 Steps to Stable Financial Markets

    By Susanne Trimbath

    ''In a time of mind-boggling complexity in financial regulation - too complex, according to Ben Bernanke, for the Federal Reserve System to understand its impact - Lessons Not Learned is a refreshing call to return to a simpler, more basic approach. Susanne...

    Paper - 9781910151235 - $ 39.95

  • Licoricia of Winchester

    Licoricia of Winchester

    Marriage, Motherhood and Murder in the Medieval Anglo-Jewish Community

    By Suzanne Bartlet

    Edited by: Patricia Skinner

    On a spring day in 1277, the prominent Jewish businesswoman Licoricia of Winchester was found murdered by her daughter, stabbed to death in her own house. Alongside Licoricia's body was that of her Christian maid,...

    Paper - 9780853038320 - $ 37.50