• Artist's Resale Right (Droit de Suite)

    Artist's Resale Right (Droit de Suite)

    UK Law and Practice (3rd Edition)

    By Simon Stokes

    This new and revised third edition takes stock of over 10 years' experience of Artist's Resale Right (ARR), also called droit de suite, in the UK. As well as offering updated guidance, it also includes a commentary on recent European and international...

    Paper - 9781903987407 - $ 26.00

  • Criminology and the Criminal Justice System

    Criminology and the Criminal Justice System

    A Historical and Transatlantic Introduction

    By Cyrille Fijnaut

    Criminology and the Criminal Justice System is a book for everyone interested in the historical development of the ideas on crime and punishment and their impact on the criminal justice system and the fight against crime more widely. It is as much a...

    Paper - 9781780685069 - $ 78.00

  • CSR for young business lawyers

    CSR for young business lawyers

    Edited by: Caspar van Woensel, Alex Geert Castermans

    Business lawyers are expected to reflect on the impact of business decisions on society. They are involved in defining a company's social responsibility and assessing its legal implications on, for example, contract law and tort law. This book will help prepare...

    Paper - 9789462367661 - $ 56.50

  • Digital Content & Distance Sales

    Digital Content & Distance Sales

    New Developments at EU Level

    By Ignace Claeys, Evelyne Terryn

    Digital Content & Distance Sales analyzes three legal instruments proposed by the European Commission in the context of its Digital Single Market Strategy, which has recently become one of its priorities. The proposed instruments are: a directive for the supply...

    Cloth - 9781780684154 - $ 102.00

  • Joint Ventures and Shareholders' Agreements

    Joint Ventures and Shareholders' Agreements

    Fifth Edition

    By Susan Singleton

    Joint Ventures and Shareholder's Agreements advises on how to structure and negotiate joint ventures and shareholders' agreements for any type of private company, whether with corporate, individual or institutional investors, or a combination of these. It offers practical tips, highlights the key commercial considerations and provides...

    Cloth - 9781784516925 - $ 203.00

  • Juries in Ireland

    Juries in Ireland

    Laypersons and Law in the Long Nineteenth Century

    By Niamh Howlin

    In the 18th and 19th centuries a wide range of legal issues were decided, not by professional judges, but by panels of laypersons. This book considers various categories of jury, including trial jury, the coroner's jury, the grand jury, the...

    Cloth - 9781846826214 - $ 74.50

  • MoneyLaw (and beyond)

    By Gijs van Dijck

    MoneyLaw (and Beyond) covers two themes. First, it refers to how the analysis of court decisions may be enriched by applying Big Data technology. The book describes how network analyses can assist legal researchers in identifying groups of decisions that belong together, and in determining which...

    Paper - 9789462367920 - $ 29.50