• A Practical Guide to Classroom Research

    A Practical Guide to Classroom Research

    By Clive Millar

    This concise and accessible book is a practical guide to qualitative classroom research, including extended case studies of real research projects which serve as concrete examples of the advice provided. It gives a step-by-step account of how qualitative classroom research can be carried out and completed, with...

    Paper - 9781911106364 - $ 22.50

  • A User's Guide to Data Protection

    A User's Guide to Data Protection

    Second Edition

    By Paul Lambert

    A User's Guide to Data Protection, 2nd edition covers all the compliance issues that organisations need to be aware of in order to successfully comply with the UK data protection rules and regulations, along with a full assessment of the EU Data Protection Regulations and their...

    Paper - 9781784512491 - $ 155.00

  • Breaking the Shakespearean Code

    Breaking the Shakespearean Code

    King Lear, Gunpowder and the Scholarship of 'Innocent Fraud'

    By Mike Wilcock

    Mike Wilcock, author of a groundbreaking study of 'Shakespeare and the Director,' offers a major reading of King Lear in this important book. With forensic skill and tenacity, Wilcock uncovers the textual and historical evidence that makes King Lear...

    Cloth - 9781909325807 - $ 90.00

  • Britten and the Guitar

    Britten and the Guitar

    Critical Perspectives for Performers

    By Benjamin Dwyer

    Benjamin Dwyer's book is the first important study of the guitar works of Benjamin Britten. It offers more than an objective analytical study of these compositions. Dwyer draws upon his expertise as a classical guitarist, composer and musicologist to deliver a multi-lensed examination of...

    Cloth - 9781909325876 - $ 90.00

  • Cases on IT Leadership

    Cases on IT Leadership

    CIO Challenges for Innovation and Keeping the Lights on

    Edited by: Niels Bjorn Andersen

    This book contains 14 cases with challenges confronting Chief Information Officers in the largest and most interesting Danish companies, including the three most iconic ones: LEGO Group (biggest global toy manufacturer), Maersk Group (biggest global container shipping...

    Paper - 9788759327302 - $ 45.00

  • Chinese Classic Economics

    Chinese Classic Economics

    By Zhong Yongsheng

    Contributions by: Dr. Bao Qin

    Modern economics come from western countries but, as a culture of long history, China has its own "classic economics," though it hides behind modern context. Author Zhong rediscovers Chinese classic economics using scripture and historical records. This book not only contains the...

    Cloth - 9781844644667 - $ 130.00

  • Diversity in Transcultural and International Communication

    Diversity in Transcultural and International Communication

    Edited by: Carola Richter, Indira Dupuis, Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz

    This volume contributes to diversity research within communication studies, taking into consideration the representation and implementation of social and cultural diversity in the public sphere, particularly in the mass media. In the first part, concepts of diversity are outlined with...

    Paper - 9783643906090 - $ 52.95

  • Family Skeleton

    Family Skeleton

    By Carmel Bird

    From inside her Toorak mansion, Margaret, matriarch, widow of Edmund Rice O'Day of O'Day Funerals, secretly surveys her family in the garden. Everyone, including Margaret herself, is oblivious to the secrets that threaten to be uncovered by a visiting American relative who is determined to excavate the...

    Paper - 9781742588902 - $ 29.99

  • Future Challenges

    Future Challenges

    For Health and Healthcare in Europe

    Edited by: G. Giarelli, B. Jacobsen, M. Nielsen, G. S. Reinbacher

    The current climate of fiscal austerity poses significant challenges for the health of populations across Europe. Deteriorating social conditions make some groups of individuals especially vulnerable to illness and have the...

    Paper - 9788771125689 - $ 39.00

  • Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice

    Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice

    Third Edition

    By John Henshall

    Now in its third edition, Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice continues to provide a straightforward and accessible introduction to this complex and increasingly important area of business taxation. It offers readers an overall view of transfer pricing as it is practised today, including the recent...

    Paper - 9781780439822 - $ 189.00