• Almeria


    By Adrian Harvey, Anne Mather

    Spain's Almeria exhibits superb structural geology (especially the fault system). It also includes a complete Neogene sedimentary sequence (itself rare), involving an enormous range of sedimentary environments and classic dry land geomorphology. Exposure of the sedimentary sequences is excellent. The area is spectacular and...

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  • An Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy

    An Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy

    By Li Cunshan

    Contributions by: Chen Xia, Qin Feng

    The traditional Chinese philosophies of 'nature and human' lie at the heart of China's modern culture and popular philosophical beliefs. To understand China, one must first understand its traditional philosophies. This book outlines the core beliefs and key elements of...

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  • Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland

    Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland

    By Fiona Beglane

    This book examines the evidence for medieval parks in Anglo-Norman Ireland. It is the first book on the subject and concentrates on the parks documented in the period 1169 to c.1350. Drawing on archaeological fieldwork, historical and place-name evidence, the book generates a broad understanding of the...

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  • Antjie Krog and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere

    Antjie Krog and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere

    Speaking Poetry to Power

    By Anthea Garman

    Antjie Krog has been known in Afrikaans literary circles and the media for decades because of her poetry and her strong political convictions. Often known simply as 'Antjie,' she is also affectionately called 'our beloved poet' and our 'Joan of Arc' by Afrikaans commentators....

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  • Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness

    Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness

    Edited by: Judith Lutge Coullie, Andries Visagie

    Antjie Krog: An Ethics of Body and Otherness brings together critical responses to the fascinating life's work of one of South Africa's most prominent writers and public figures. As the writer of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission chronicle, Country of My Skull...

    Paper - 9781869142537 - $ 40.00

  • Architecture - Civilization - Gender

    Architecture - Civilization - Gender

    Residential Building, the Civilizing Process of Dwelling Practices and Changes in the Family

    By Katharina Weresch

    In line with German sociologist Norbert Elias' civilizing process, this book describes how architecture has been perceived with regard to dwelling practices over an extended period of societal development. The genealogy of the civilizing process...

    Cloth - 9783643906137 - $ 52.95

  • Between Two Flags

    Between Two Flags

    John Mitchel & Jenny Verner

    By Anthony G. Russell

    Between Two Flags tells the gripping story of the turbulent yet enduring and loving marriage of John Mitchel and Jenny Verner. Their courtship was opposed by both families, and their elopement and marriage caused public consternation, but this remarkable couple went on...

    Cloth - 9781785370014 - $ 65.00

  • Beyond Scylla and Charybdis

    Beyond Scylla and Charybdis

    European Courts and Court Residences outside Habsburg and Valois/Bourbon Territories 1500-1700

    Edited by: Birgitte Boggild Johannsen, Konrad Ottenheym

    The political landscape of early modern continental Europe was dominated by two rival superpowers: the Habsburgs of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire versus the French Kingdom of the Valois and Bourbon...

    Cloth - 9788776023225 - $ 36.00

  • Clerics, Kings and Vikings

    Clerics, Kings and Vikings

    Essays on Medieval Ireland in Honour of Donnchadh O Corrain

    This volume contains contributions from leading scholars working at the forefront of Irish medieval studies. It includes essays on archaeology, ecclesiology, hagiography, medieval history, genealogy, language, literature and toponymy. Subjects explored include: Latin and learning in early medieval Ireland; the historical...

    Cloth - 9781846822797 - $ 85.00

  • Cloudless


    A novel in verse

    By Christine Evans

    It's a still, hot summer in Perth, Australia. The heat is shimmering off the city's glass buildings, with not much to do but surrender to the cool of Beatty Park's swimming pool. However, something is moving amid all the stillness - a hidden snake...

    Paper - 9781742587561 - $ 24.99