• The Work of the British Law Commissions

    The Work of the British Law Commissions

    Law Reform... Now?

    By Shona Wilson Stark

    The Law Commission (of England and Wales) and the Scottish Law Commission were both established in 1965 to promote the reform of the laws of their respective jurisdictions. Since then, they have each produced hundreds of reports across many areas of law. They are...

    Cloth - 9781509906918 - $ 108.00

  • Corporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures

    Corporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures

    Third Edition

    By William Trower QC, Adam Goodison, Matthew Abraham, Andrew Shaw

    Written by authors from South Square, consistently ranked in legal directories as the top set for insolvency and restructuring, Corporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures is an authoritative and leading work dealing specifically with corporate administration and...

    Cloth - 9781847665683 - $ 304.00

  • EU Energy Law Volume XI, The Role of Gas in the EU's Energy Union

    EU Energy Law Volume XI, The Role of Gas in the EU's Energy Union

    Edited by: Christopher Jones

    The EU's gas market is at the very centre of the Energy Union, and is changing faster than ever before. Indeed, the European Council has stressed repeatedly the EU's priority of ensuring its gas security, and promoting liquid and competitive gas markets across the whole of...

    Cloth - 9789077644447 - $ 180.00

  • Good Faith in International Law

    Good Faith in International Law

    By Robert Kolb

    There is a great degree of controversy on the proper complexion and role of general principles of law in the international legal order. Opinions range from total rejection of some types of principles to the most enthusiastic endorsement of principles as the necessary oil for the many...

    Cloth - 9781509914098 - $ 88.00

  • Humiliation in International Relations

    Humiliation in International Relations

    A Pathology of Contemporary International Systems

    By Bertrand Badie

    Contributions by: Jeff Lewis

    In international relations (IR), humiliation is currently commonplace. Denying states' status and stigmatising their practices (or even culture) are common occurrences in modern diplomacy. After the well known and very selective European 'concert of powers', many kinds of...

    Cloth - 9781782256199 - $ 94.00

  • Investigating European Fraud in the EU Member States

    Investigating European Fraud in the EU Member States

    Edited by: Daniele Negri, Alessandro Bernardi

    This book offers a detailed overview of the rules regarding criminal investigations into financial-economic criminality in the EU's main legal systems. These rules have become fundamental to the effective protection of the Union's financial interests. It undertakes a comparative study of six national...

    Cloth - 9781509903597 - $ 74.00

  • Law's Judgement

    Law's Judgement

    By William Lucy

    Law's Judgement elucidates and defends a feature of contemporary law that is currently either overlooked or too glibly dismissed as morally troublesome or historically anachronistic. That feature is the abstract nature of law's judgement, and its three components show that, when law judges us, it often does...

    Cloth - 9781509913282 - $ 94.00

  • Limits to EU Powers

    Limits to EU Powers

    A Case Study of EU Regulatory Criminal Law

    By Jacob Oberg

    Pursuant to the precepts of EU law, EU policy-makers are bound to ensure that any EU legislation must fall within the remit of the EU's competences. This monograph looks at this highly contested question, with particular reference to European Union...

    Cloth - 9781509903351 - $ 88.00

  • Modern Studies in Property Law

    Modern Studies in Property Law

    Volume 9

    Edited by: Heather Conway, Robin Hickey

    This book contains a collection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the Eleventh Biennial Modern Studies in Property Law Conference held at Queen's University Belfast in April 2016. It is the ninth volume to be published under the name of the Conference. The...

    Cloth - 9781782257547 - $ 114.00

  • Punish, Seduce or Persuade

    Punish, Seduce or Persuade

    An Empirical Assessment of Anti-Piracy Interventions

    By H.B.M. Leeuw

    Many kinds of interventions have been designed and implemented to combat digital copyright infringement, a type of cyber-deviance that is also known as 'digital piracy'. However, it is not clear whether such measures are indeed effective in reducing this type of deviance....

    Paper - 9789462367418 - $ 96.00