• Different Paths Towards Sustainable Biofuels?

    Different Paths Towards Sustainable Biofuels?

    A Comparative Study of the International, EU, and Chinese Regulation of the Sustainability of Biofuels

    By Taotao Yue

    Biofuels are promoted as a type of renewable energy from biomass that replaces fossil fuels in transportation in an attempt to achieve the three-fold objectives of energy security, rural development, and GHG emission...

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  • Participatory Democracy, Civil Society and Social Europe

    Participatory Democracy, Civil Society and Social Europe

    A Legal and Political Perspective

    By Gautier Busschaert

    Participatory democracy has become a buzzword in current discussions about how to democratize the EU. European institutions associate it with civil society involvement in European governance and claim that it might reduce its so-called democratic deficit. The Treaty of Lisbon formalizes this promise...

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  • Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Edited by: Eva Brems, Alexandra Timmer

    Stereotypes are beliefs about groups of people. Some examples, taken from human rights case law, are the notions that 'Roma are thieves', 'women are responsible for childcare', and 'people with a mental disability are incapable of forming political opinions.' Increasingly, human rights monitoring...

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  • The Sexual Abuse of Children

    The Sexual Abuse of Children

    Recognition and Redress

    Edited by: Yorick Smaal, Andy Kaladelfos, Mark Finnane

    How can we seek justice and redress for the sexual abuse of children and better prevent the occurrence of such abuse?~This work brings together the thoughts on this question advanced by leading scholars, from a range of disciplinary...

    Paper - 9781876924171 - $ 39.95

  • Transnationalisation of Social Rights

    Transnationalisation of Social Rights

    Edited by: Kolja Moller, Andreas Fischer-Lescano

    Migration crisis, food crisis, economic crisis-the most alarming tendencies in our contemporary world are related to the transnational social question. But what role does transnational law play in this context? Does it exacerbate the asymmetries by shielding the rich and exploiting the poor?...

    Paper - 9781780683966 - $ 90.00