• Commercial Property Litigation

    Commercial Property Litigation

    Third Edition

    By James Fieldsend, Paul McAndrews

    The third edition of Commercial Property Litigation is a fully updated, authoritative handbook for UK property litigators. It combines an analysis of the relevant substantive law and procedure with practical know-how focusing on common issues and problems faced by the property litigator. The...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781784732974 - $ 180.00

  • Crosscurrents


    Law and Society in a Native Title Claim to Land and Sea

    By Katie Glaskin

    It is one thing to know what the law says: it is another to try to understand what it means and how it is applied. When Indigenous relationships with a country are viewed through the lens...

    Paper - 9781742589442 - $ 39.99

  • Family Justice Reformed

    Family Justice Reformed

    A Guide to the Family Court since the Children and Families Act 2014 (Second Edition)

    By Sarah Blackmore, Jacqueline Thomas

    This book contains detailed commentary on, and analyses of, the Single Family Court and the Children and Families Act 2014, Parts 1 and 2 (which deal with family justice). It...

    Paper - 9781784733292 - $ 88.50

  • Financial Remedies Handbook

    Financial Remedies Handbook

    Eleventh Edition

    By Richard Bird, District Judge Julie Exton

    The Financial Remedies Handbook (formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook) has established itself as a first resort for thousands of matrimonial lawyers. By combining a clear explanation of the applicable legal principles with straightforward advice on practice and procedure, this will...

    Paper - 9781784733254 - $ 115.50

  • The Global Guide to Trusts

    The Global Guide to Trusts

    A Systematic Analysis of the Legal Regime and Tax Treatment of Trusts in 21 Jurisdictions

    Edited by: Jean-Marc Tirard

    The Global Guide to Trusts provides detailed answers on the tax treatment of trusts in 21 jurisdictions. This book represents the work of a team of outstanding tax practicioners under the editorship...

    Cloth - 9782970060291 - $ 94.00

  • Insolvency Law

    Insolvency Law

    Corporate and Personal (Fourth Edition)

    By Andrew Keay, Peter Walton

    Insolvency Law: Corporate and Personal is written in a detailed yet straightforward way, making it accessible to both practitioners and students. This comprehensive book explains legislation and discusses cases on all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency, covering each of...

    Paper - 9781784733094 - $ 53.00

  • Privacy as Virtue

    Privacy as Virtue

    Moving Beyond the Individual in the Age of Big Data

    By Bart van der Sloot

    Privacy as Virtue discusses whether a rights-based approach to privacy regulation still suffices to address the challenges triggered by new data processing techniques, such as Big Data and mass surveillance. A rights-based approach generally grants subjective...

    Paper - 9781780685052 - $ 78.00

  • Who's Afraid of International Law?

    Who's Afraid of International Law?

    Edited by: Raimond Gaita, Gerry Simpson

    Is there such a thing as an 'international law' of which to be afraid? Can international law be seen as a coherent set of norms? Or is it, rather, something experienced radically differently by different individuals and groups in different parts of the...

    Paper - 9781925377002 - $ 29.95