• Anonymous Speech

    Anonymous Speech

    Literature, Law and Politics

    By Eric Barendt

    Anonymous Speech: Literature, Law and Politics discusses the different contexts in which people write anonymously or with the use of a pseudonym: novels and literary reviews, newspapers and political periodicals, graffiti, and now on the Internet. The book criticises the arguments made for a...

    Cloth - 9781849466134 - $ 48.00

  • Constructing the Person in EU Law

    Constructing the Person in EU Law

    Rights, Roles, Identities

    Edited by: Loic Azoulai, Segolene Barbou des Places, Etienne Pataut

    The person is the figure which the European Union intends to place 'at the heart of its activities'. It is central category in EU economy, politics and ethics. This innovative edited collection argues that the EU...

    Cloth - 9781782259336 - $ 94.00

  • Crimes of Business in International Law

    Crimes of Business in International Law

    Concepts of Individual and Corporate Responsibility for the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

    By Thomas M. Schmidt

    Preventing contributions to serious human rights violations in the course of business activity is a matter of prime importance to the international community. With a view to business actors providing infrastructure, funding...

    Cloth - 9781509906901 - $ 176.00

  • Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Re-defining Contemporary Criminal Justice

    By David J. Cornwell

    This work re-configures the concept of Desert within criminal punishment philosophy and practice away from its traditional and predominantly retributive orientation and towards a reparative and restorative mode of criminal justice delivery inclusive of all the stakeholders within the justice process. Its pragmatic...

    Cloth - 9789462366442 - $ 73.50

  • Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia

    Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia

    Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam

    By Tim Lindsey, Pip Nicholson

    Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia investigates criminal law and practice relevant to drugs regulation in three Southeast Asian jurisdictions: Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. These jurisdictions represent the spectrum of approaches to drug regulation in Southeast Asia, highlighting differences...

    Cloth - 9781782258315 - $ 148.00

  • EU Criminal Law after Lisbon

    EU Criminal Law after Lisbon

    Rights, Trust and the Transformation of Justice in Europe

    By Valsamis Mitsilegas

    This new work by one of the leading commentators on EU criminal law provides the first detailed overview of the impact of the Lisbon Treaty reforms on the operation and scope of EU criminal law. In it, author Valsamis...

    Cloth - 9781849466486 - $ 88.00

  • European Labour Law Legislation

    European Labour Law Legislation

    Second edition

    Edited by: S.S.M. Peters

    This publication brings together the most important European and international regulation in the area of labour law. It includes regulations from, among others, the European Union, the Council of Europe and the International Labour Organisation. The selected regulations are decisive to some extent for the...

    Paper - 9789462366558 - $ 73.50

  • European Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and Contract Law

    European Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and Contract Law

    By Mateja Djurovic

    Mateja Djurovic examines the ambiguous relationship between the European law on unfair commercial practices and contract law. In particular, the manuscript demonstrates that the Directive 2005/29/EC on unfair commercial practices (UCPD) has had a major impact on contract law, despite the declaration concerning the formal independence between...

    Cloth - 9781782258117 - $ 94.00

  • Gringras: The Laws of the Internet

    Gringras: The Laws of the Internet

    Fourth Edition

    By Paul Lambert

    The free flow of information and services around the world via the Internet constantly creates new issues and problems, such as rules of jurisdiction and applicable law, and how new products and services should be regulated. The Laws of the Internet is a key legal text...

    Cloth - 9781847668943 - $ 250.00

  • International Compliance

    International Compliance

    Legal Requirements of Business Organisation in over 30 Countries

    By Konstantin von Busekist

    Compliance violations by and within businesses have now assumed international proportions. At the same time, the responsibility of both local and corporate management to prevent compliance violations has increased all over the world. Within this context, this book...

    Cloth - 9781509908417 - $ 438.00