• A Book of Rooms

    A Book of Rooms

    By Kobus Moolman

    A Book of Rooms is Kobus Moolman's seventh collection of poetry, which continues the innovative forms and fearless concerns of his two most recent books, Light and After (Deep South, 2010) and Left Over (Dye Hard Press, 2013). [Subject: Poetry]

    Publication Date: 11/3/2014
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9780987028242

    Paper - 9780987028242 - $ 10.00

  • A Formative Decade

    A Formative Decade

    Ireland in the 1920s

    Edited by: Mel Farrell, Jason Knirck, Ciara Meehan

    In the aftermath of World War I, Europe's empires crumbled and a patchwork of new nation states emerged across the continent. As the map of Europe was being redrawn after 1918, Ireland too stood on the threshold...

    Cloth - 9780716532828 - $ 85.00

  • A New Introduction to Comparative Law

    A New Introduction to Comparative Law

    By Jaakko Husa

    This is a thought provoking introduction to the study of comparative law, providing an in-depth analysis of all major comparative methodologies and theories and serving as a common sense guide to the study of foreign legal systems. As a textbook, it is written in a lively and...

    Paper - 9781849467964 - $ 40.00

  • Anthropology as a Driver for Tourism Research

    Anthropology as a Driver for Tourism Research

    Edited by: Wil Munsters, Marjan Melkert

    This book was inspired by the strongly increasing cross-fertilization between anthropological research and tourism studies. It provides a rich and comprehensive overview of key topics within contemporary international research related to the anthropology of tourism, including theoretical and methodological issues, field studies, ethnographic...

    Paper - 9789044132427 - $ 46.00

  • Asian Horizons

    Asian Horizons

    Giuseppe Tucci's Buddhist, Indian, Himalayan and Central Asian Studies

    Edited by: A A Di Castro, David Templeman

    This gedenkschrift is published in honor of the great scholar of Asia, Professor Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984). Through the work of present-day scholars, the book represents their efforts to maintain the impetus of the...

    Paper - 9781922235336 - $ 99.95

  • Being At Home

    Being At Home

    Race, Institutional Culture and Transformation at South African Higher Education Institutions

    Edited by: Pedro Tabensky, Sally Matthews

    Being at Home stimulates careful conversation about some of the most pressing issues facing higher education institutions in South Africa today - race, transformation, and institutional culture. While there are many reasons to...

    Paper - 9781869142902 - $ 32.00

  • Catalyst Architecture

    Catalyst Architecture

    Rio de Janeiro, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen

    By Hans Kiib, Gitte Marling

    Catalyst Architecture raises a discussion in regard to architecture's role as a catalyst for urban development. Through the study of eight architectural projects in large cities on four different continents, the book's focus is placed on how architecture...

    Cloth - 9788771122237 - $ 59.00

  • Changing Paradigms

    Changing Paradigms

    The State of the Ethnological Sciences in Southeast Europe

    Edited by: Klaus Roth

    From an historical distance, the development of the ethnological sciences in Southeast Europe - that is, of ethnology, ethnography, folklore, and cultural/ social anthropology - has been dealt with extensively for the period prior to 1990. For most...

    Paper - 9783643906212 - $ 52.95

  • Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare

    Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare

    Life and Works

    Edited by: Luke Gibbons, Kieran O'Conor

    Charles O'Conor of Ballinagare (1710-91) was one of 18th-century Ireland's greatest scholars, who wrote in both Irish and English. His work was clearly influenced by the Enlightenment and he regularly corresponded with the important intellectual and cultural figures of his day....

    Cloth - 9781846821110 - $ 74.50

  • Chinese Festival Culture Series (10 volumes)

    Chinese Festival Culture Series (10 volumes)

    By Li Song

    China is an ancient culture, but it is also a diverse culture and this series of 10 books celebrate the diversity of Chinese festival culture. Each book explores and reveals insights into Chinese festivals and their origins. The books discuss the origins of each festival and the...

    Pack - 9781844644384 - $ 720.00