• Asylums, Mental Health Care and the Irish

    Asylums, Mental Health Care and the Irish

    Historical Studies, 1800-2010

    Edited by: Pauline M. Prior

    Now available in paperback! This book is a collection of studies on mental health services in Ireland from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day. Essays cover overall trends in patient numbers, an exploration of the development of mental health...

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  • Criminal Law and the Authority of the State

    Criminal Law and the Authority of the State

    Edited by: Petter Asp, Antje du Bois-Pedain, Magnus Ulvang

    How does the state, as a public authority, relate to those under its jurisdiction through the criminal law? Connecting the ways in which criminal lawyers and public lawyers address questions of criminal law's legitimacy, contributors to this collection explore...

    Cloth - 9781509905133 - $ 82.00

  • A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium

    A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium

    Survival, Scars and Healing

    By Francine Lazarus

    Francine Lazarus survived WWII in Belgium hidden with strangers, isolated from her family, and moved from place to place. She witnessed murder and was often injured herself. With her father murdered in Auschwitz, her story continues post-war with the young Francine, neglected and abused...

    Paper - 9781910383285 - $ 26.95

  • A National Home for the Jewish People

    A National Home for the Jewish People

    The Concept in British Political Thinking and Policy Making 1917-1923

    By Dvorah Barzilay-Yegar

    What was the concept of 'A National Home for the Jewish People,' where did it come from, and how was it defined? Barzilay-Yegar traces the shifting meanings of the phrase from its first coining in the Balfour Declaration...

    Cloth - 9781910383322 - $ 74.95

  • A Nautical Story Writer

    A Nautical Story Writer

    The Life and Works of Matthew Henry Barker, 'The Old Sailor'

    By Paul N. Marshall

    The fictional nautical story was extremely popular from the mid 1820s to about 1850. The best known writer in this field was undoubtedly Frederick Marryat, but the stories of Matthew Henry Barker (1790-1846), 'The Old Sailor,'...

    Paper - 9781845198398 - $ 59.95

  • A. E. Housman

    A. E. Housman

    A Single Life

    By Martin Blocksidge

    A.E. Housman's poetry (especially A Shropshire Lad) remains well-known, widely read, and often quoted. However, Housman did not view himself as a professional poet, always making quite clear that his 'proper job' was as a Professor of Latin. Housman's fame as a poet has often...

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  • Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    By Stanley G. Payne

    The Second Spanish Republic (1931-36) was the only new liberal democratic regime to emerge in Europe during the 1930s. Historians, however, have focused primarily on the Civil War of 1936-39 that followed, devoting much less attention to the parliamentary regime that preceded it. This book deals...

    Paper - 9781845198589 - $ 34.95

  • Animal Welfare at Slaughter

    Animal Welfare at Slaughter

    Edited by: Antonio Velarde, Mohan Raj

    Contributions by: Temple Grandin

    The welfare of production animals at slaughter is a major veterinary concern, with debate on questions such as the degree of stunning required, how sentient animals are of their surroundings, slaughterhouse conditions, and how quickly animals lose consciousness after...

    Cloth - 9781910455692 - $ 80.00

  • Blanketmen


    An Untold Story of the H-Block Hunger Strike

    By Richard O'Rawe

    Contributions by: Richard English

    One of the most important books to emerge from the Troubles, and definitely the most courageous.--The Sunday Times ***"Richard O'Rawe deserves praise for charging one of the most cynical leaderships anywhere in this island with manipulating...

    Paper - 9781848405547 - $ 17.99

  • Bombs, Bullets and the Border

    Bombs, Bullets and the Border

    Policing Ireland's Frontier: Irish Security Policy, 1969-1978

    By Patrick Mulroe

    Patrick Mulroe's book shines a penetrating light onto the under-studied role of the Irish government's security policy during the early years of the Troubles...The results might surprise even seasoned analysts of contemporary Irish history.--M.L.R. Smith, King's College, U. London ***Bombs, Bullets...

    Cloth - 9781911024507 - $ 75.00