• Defenders of the Faith

    Defenders of the Faith

    The History of Jews' College and the London School of Jewish Studies

    By Derek Taylor

    Contributions by: Raymond Apple

    Although Jews were readmitted to England in 1661, nearly 200 years later there was an election for Chief Rabbi where the short list of candidates were all German. Today the community takes...

    Cloth - 9781910383124 - $ 59.95

  • Asylums, Mental Health Care and the Irish

    Asylums, Mental Health Care and the Irish

    Historical Studies, 1800-2010

    Edited by: Pauline M. Prior

    Now available in paperback! This book is a collection of studies on mental health services in Ireland from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day. Essays cover overall trends in patient numbers, an exploration of the development of mental health...

    Paper - 9781911024620 - $ 35.00

  • Risk and Resilience

    Risk and Resilience

    Global learning across the age span

    Edited by: Charlotte L. Clarke, Matthias Schwannauer, Julie Taylor, Sarah Rhynas

    This edited volume contains an international spectrum of contributors that places risk and resilience in health and social care in context. The chapters explore the issues of risk and resilience in...

    Paper - 9781780460635 - $ 32.00

  • The Jews of Lemberg

    The Jews of Lemberg

    A Journey to Empty Places

    By Heleen Zorgdrager, Michiel Driebergen

    A hundred years ago Lemberg (also known as Lviv and Lwow) was part of the Habsburg Empire and famed for its splendour and rich cultural life. Until the German occupation in 1941, a Jewish community of over 100,000 people lived...

    Paper - 9781910383230 - $ 28.95

  • A Brief History of Milk Production

    A Brief History of Milk Production

    From Farm to Market

    By Bert Collacott

    A Brief History of Milk Production details the history of milk farming from the earliest days through to the problems facing dairy farmers now. The book covers the massive transformation in one of the most important sectors in the agricultural industry, from work on...

    Paper - 9781910456521 - $ 14.95

  • A Personal History of Vision

    A Personal History of Vision

    By Luke Fischer

    A Personal History of Vision expands on the concerns of Fischer's acclaimed first collection Paths of Flight and embodies what Judith Beveridge has described as his 'seemingly effortless ability to blend visual detail and imaginative vision.' Intertwining the personal and the historical, the modern and the primeval,...

    Paper - 9781742589381 - $ 22.99

  • A Shipload of Women's Memories

    A Shipload of Women's Memories

    Narratives across Borders

    By Ann-Dorte Christensen, Marit Benthe Norheim

    This book is based on 18 life stories, as told by women over the age of 70 with roots in 27 different countries. Each story is analyzed as a unique account of individual experiences with strength, pain, and love. At the...

    Cloth - 9788771126006 - $ 32.00

  • American Beasts

    American Beasts

    Perspectives on Animals, Animality and U.S. Culture, 1776-1920

    Edited by: Dominik Ohrem

    In American history, animals are everywhere. They are a ubiquitous presence in myriad historical, literary, biographical, scientific and other documents and narratives of the American past - a past that, just like the present, was characterized by a multiplicity...

    Paper - 9783958080379 - $ 37.00

  • Australia's Northern Shield?

    Australia's Northern Shield?

    Papua New Guinea and the Defence of Australia Since 1880

    By Bruce Hunt

    This book is the first to draw extensively on the recently released highly classified notes of the cabinet room discussions of successive Australian Governments, from 1950 to the mid-1970s. It details the changing attitude of the nation's leaders...

    Paper - 9781925495409 - $ 39.95

  • Austria and America

    Austria and America

    20th-Century Cross-Cultural Encounters

    Edited by: Joshua Parker, Ralph J. Poole

    Through literature, film, diplomatic relations, and academic exchanges, this volume examines key historical points in Austrian-American relations of the past century, pondering the roots of how and why "austrianness" was adapted to American culture, and how America's cultural lens focused...

    Paper - 9783643908124 - $ 44.95