• 'Thank you for your business'

    'Thank you for your business'

    The Jewish Contribution to the British Economy

    By Derek Taylor

    Contributions by: Professor Andrew Godley

    Over the centuries, arguments have raged over whether or not Britain should be welcoming toward immigrants. This is a book about a tiny proportion of the immigrants to whom Britain did grant asylum, refuge, and liberty....

    Paper - 9780853039167 - $ 34.95

  • Activism and Aid

    Activism and Aid

    Young Citizens' Experiences of Development and Democracy in Timor-Leste

    By Ann Wigglesworth

    Timor-Leste's independence was forged at a time when international developmental theory had rejected top down approaches and recognized the importance of participatory approaches in developmental strategies. In 1999, with the arrival of the United Nations and a multitude of...

    Paper - 9780980510874 - $ 39.95

  • Aldous Huxley Annual

    Aldous Huxley Annual

    Volume 14 (2014)

    Edited by: Bernfried Nugel, Jerome Meckier

    Volume 14 of Aldous Huxley Annual begins with the presentation of Hux?ley's 1961 diary covering his trip to Europe. It continues with his role in the editing of a book by his wife Laura and the story of the Huxley Tapes,...

    Paper - 9783643906984 - $ 59.95

  • Australian Religious Thought

    Australian Religious Thought

    By Wayne Hudson

    This book is the first major historical study of Australian religious thought, arguing that religious thought can be found in many of Australia's intellectuals, both in the religiously inclined and in those who are not conventionally religious. Drawing together existing and new research, the book opens up...

    Paper - 9781922235763 - $ 39.95

  • Beyond Fukushima

    Beyond Fukushima

    Toward a Post-Nuclear Society

    By Koichi Hasegawa

    Contributions by: Minako Sato

    'It finally dawned on us. The government was unreliable. Politicians and bureaucrats were unreliable. The media were untrustworthy. The brutal reality hit us that we had to protect ourselves...otherwise bury our heads in the sand or give up altogether.' Written...

    Paper - 9781920901318 - $ 39.95

  • Crossing Space and Time in the Indian Ocean

    Crossing Space and Time in the Indian Ocean

    Early Indian Traders in Natal. A Biographical Study

    By Goolam Vahed, Surendra Bhana

    This book examines the interregional movement of capital and labour in the Indian Ocean where Indians settled and traded in Natal in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It traces the origins, migration, and settlement of...

    Paper - 9781868887798 - $ 29.00

  • Democracy through Regional Integration

    Democracy through Regional Integration

    By Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Ioannis F. Papageorgiou

    Regional integration systems are becoming increasingly important - inspired by the most integrated continent, Europe, but taking on various characteristics on different continents. Such systems have become an important feature of global democracy, even preventing unconstitutional taking of power in various countries. This...

    Paper - 9781780683621 - $ 59.00

  • Desert Writing

    Desert Writing

    Stories from Country

    Edited by: Terri-ann White

    In September 2013, a group of intrepid writers made their way to three Australian desert settings to develop workshops for groups and individuals wishing to write. Aboriginal people, with a profound connection to country, and other residents, who were more recent arrivals - all...

    Paper - 9781742586212 - $ 24.99

  • Ecovillage


    1001 Ways to Heal the Planet

    Edited by: Leila Dregger, Kosha Joubert

    Your heart will soar as you revel in this treasure trove of evidence that a new and better future is not only possible but happening NOW all over the world where ordinary people have taken matters into their...

    Paper - 9781909470750 - $ 21.00

  • First Blood

    First Blood

    A Cultural Study of Menarche

    By Sally Dammery

    What woman forgets the moment of discovering her first period? The shock? Fear? Panic? Loathing? Embarrassment? Pride? Happiness? First Blood examines the ways in which women from countries as diverse as India and Sri Lanka, England, the Philippines, Greece, Italy, Uganda, Indonesia, Fiji,...

    Paper - 9781925377040 - $ 39.95