• Running Out?

    Running Out?

    Water in Western Australia

    By Ruth A. Morgan

    This book has won the Western Australia Premier Book Award in the Western Australia History category in Oct. 2016. For nearly 200 years, the visions and aspirations of the people of Australia's west have been characterized by an 'unquenchable thirst.' This book uncovers...

    Paper - 9781742586236 - $ 34.99

  • Unstable Relations

    Unstable Relations

    Indigenous People and Environmentalism in Contemporary Australia

    Edited by: Eve Vincent, Timothy Neale

    The 1970s witnessed the emergence of a global environmental movement in response to rampant resource extraction. This moment gave rise to a celebrated 'green-black alliance' between environmentalists and Indigenous groups in Australia. However, in recent years, this...

    Paper - 9781742588780 - $ 39.99

  • To the Beach

    To the Beach

    Community conservation and its role in 'sustainable development'

    By Thor Kerr

    When property developers, politicians, and a vocal community debate how local land should be used - with the media intent on exposing conflicting interests and incompatible ideologies - it is only a matter of time before plans change and careers...

    Paper - 9781742586649 - $ 40.00

  • The Southwest

    The Southwest

    Australia's Biodiversity Hotspot

    By Victoria Laurie

    This book presents, in words and photographs, the southwest region of Australia, a land triangle that encompasses a multitude of natural worlds. One third of all known Australian plant species is found growing in the southwest, and the region has been designated as 'Australia's Global...

    Paper - 9781742585000 - $ 45.00

  • Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia

    Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia

    A Global Biodiversity Hotspot

    Edited by: Hans Lambers

    Southwest Australia is a region increasingly recognized for its high levels of biodiversity and endemism, and it is recognized as one of the world's top 25 'biodiversity hotspots,' based largely on its highly diverse and endemic flora. This book has been assembled with...

    Paper - 9781742585642 - $ 69.99

  • Noongar Bush Medicine

    Noongar Bush Medicine

    Medicinal Plants of the South-west of Western Australia

    By Vivienne Hansen, John Horsfall

    This practical reference guide provides, for the first time, comprehensive information on the medicinal plants that were used by Aboriginal people of the southwest of Western Australia before European settlement. This interesting and in-depth guide to how...

    Paper - 9781742589060 - $ 34.99

  • Like Nothing on this Earth

    Like Nothing on this Earth

    A Literary History of the Wheatbelt

    By Tony Hughes-d'Aeth

    During the twentieth century, the southwestern corner of Australia was cleared for intensive agriculture. In the space of several decades, an arc from Esperance to Geraldton-an area of land larger than England-was cleared of native flora for the farming of grain and...

    Paper - 9781742589244 - $ 49.99

  • Land of Vision and Mirage

    Land of Vision and Mirage

    Western Australia since 1826

    By Geoffrey Bolton

    This short history of Western Australia from 1826 to the present vibrantly narrates the social, cultural, political, and economic development of the most geographically isolated area in the world. Informative and analytical, the author's wry observations about mirages as a major theme in Western...

    Paper - 9780980296402 - $ 32.00

  • The Lake's Apprentice

    The Lake's Apprentice

    By Annamaria Weldon

    How do we describe a place? In this book, author and poet Annamaria Weldon offers an intimate portrait of the chain of lakes on Australia's southwest coast that includes Lake Yalgorup, between Mandurah and Bunbury. The Lake's Apprentice contains a suite of poems, celebrated essays, photographs, and...

    Paper - 9781742585574 - $ 24.95

  • Invisible Country

    Invisible Country

    South-west Australia: Understanding a Landscape

    By Bill Bunbury

    When Europeans first settled in Australia, the land withheld many of its secrets from these new arrivals. There were broad rivers, wide plains, and tall forests, all of which to European eyes suggested promising sites for settlement. However, to many of the new...

    Paper - 9781742586250 - $ 29.99