Earth Science & Geography

  • A Systems Approach to Environmental Management

    A Systems Approach to Environmental Management

    It's not easy being Green

    By Tim O'Higgins, Mohammed Saif Al-Kalbani

    Human activity increasingly dominates the global environment. Effective environmental management - to use, conserve, and maintain natural capital - is a major challenge worldwide. Managing the environment involves juggling a complex set of ecological, economic, and social objectives and...

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  • Advances in Interdisciplinary European Entrepreneurship Research

    Advances in Interdisciplinary European Entrepreneurship Research

    Volume II

    Edited by: Michael Dowling, Jurgen Schmude, Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufsess

    This book presents a selection of the best papers from the second annual Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER), held at the University of Regensburg in February 2004. The papers in this book have several overarching themes....

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  • Almeria


    By Adrian Harvey, Anne Mather

    Spain's Almeria exhibits superb structural geology (especially the fault system). It also includes a complete Neogene sedimentary sequence (itself rare), involving an enormous range of sedimentary environments and classic dry land geomorphology. Exposure of the sedimentary sequences is excellent. The area is spectacular and...

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  • An Introduction to Environment

    An Introduction to Environment

    By Vishwambhar Prasad Sati

    Currently, environmental studies are a prime area of focus, in the wake of the high level of environmental degradation and a worldwide awareness towards conservation. Today, biotic and abiotic factors are struggling for their existence. Tremendous urbanization, industrialization, population growth, and large-scale exploitation of natural resources...

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  • Ancient Australian Landscapes

    Ancient Australian Landscapes

    By C. Rowland Twidale

    How ancient are Australia's landscapes? The geomorphological wisdom has it that such landscapes can be - at most - only tens of millions of years old. However, field evidence suggests that some parts of the Australian landscape are much older - when dinosaurs roamed the land....

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  • Auvergne


    By Peter Cattermole

    Auvergne is endowed with spectacular scenery, highly accessible geology, well preserved volcanic and glacial landforms, and a variety of rock types. Based on well-tried itineraries and extensive research, this field guide provides an authoritative and fully illustrated introduction to Auvergne. (Series: Classic Geology in Europe)

    176 pages

    Publication Date:...

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  • Biodiversity Research Methods

    Biodiversity Research Methods

    IBOY In West Pacific and Asia

    Edited by: Tohru Nakashizuka, Nigel Stork

    Biodiversity Research Methods is the product of tremendous international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the IBOY-DIWPA program. IBOY-DIWPA's aims are to establish baseline inventories of biodiversity through an international network of study sites of different ecosystems. Developed from extensive...

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  • Canary Islands

    Canary Islands

    By Juan Carlos Carracedo, Simon Day

    Rising from the floor of the Atlantic the seven Canary Islands are related to a mantle plume or hotspot. The islands' geology is characterized by a wide range of volcanic and intrusive rocks, exposed in spectacular scenery and easily reached by road and...

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  • Central Asia

    Central Asia

    Economy, Environment and Culture

    By Mohammad Shafi

    Central Asia, which consists of five states, viz., Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, is a bridge between the east and west. It is surrounded by powerful states like China in the east, Russia (CIS) in the north, Iran and Afghanistan in the south,...

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  • Changing Climates: Translating Adaptation in|to Rwanda

    Changing Climates: Translating Adaptation in|to Rwanda

    By Claudia Gebauer

    This study examines how the idea of having to adapt to a changing climate influences recent Rwandan environmental politics and the relations with international organizations and NGOs. By conceptualizing adaptation as matter of translation, processes of resignification and network building are highlighted, taking broader social developments, historical...

    Paper - 9783643908261 - $ 52.95