• How to Write an Emergency Plan

    How to Write an Emergency Plan

    By David Alexander

    The world is becoming more hazardous as natural and social processes combine to create complex situations of increased vulnerability and risk. There is increasing recognition that this trend is creating exigencies that must be dealt with. The common approach is to delegate the task of preparing an...

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  • Introducing Mineralogy

    Introducing Mineralogy

    By John Mason

    People have been fascinated by minerals since prehistory. The attractions lies in their colors, their beautiful crystal formations, the discoveries of their uses, and the metals that can be obtained from them. Minerals receive attention from a wide variety of people - mining executives, collectors, prospectors, and...

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  • Early Intervention

    Early Intervention

    Supporting and strengthening families

    Edited by: Sharon Vincent

    Early investment in vulnerable families - both in terms of the timing of early support or at the onset of issues - is more effective and cheaper than specialist support, which is offered only once problems become complex. One of the best ways...

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  • Youth Work in Communities and Schools

    Youth Work in Communities and Schools

    Policy & Practice in Education No. 28

    By Annette Coburn, David Wallace

    Working across professional and disciplinary boundaries, young people and youth workers collaborate to create powerful learning environments in communities, schools, and other settings. This book explores how youth work, as a critical and problem-posing pedagogy, enables young people...

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  • What is Philosophy?

    What is Philosophy?

    An Introduction

    By Alistair J Sinclair

    It is difficult to see any common factors underlying all the different philosophies and movements of philosophy. The so-called 'great philosophers' seem to have little in common with each other. The history of western philosophy features a bewildering variety of philosophical movements that pop up...

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  • Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland

    Volcanoes and the Making of Scotland

    Second Edition

    By Brian Upton

    Scotland's mountains and glens retain the secrets of a long and frequently violent geological history that has gone into their making. Volcanoes have played a major role in the creation of Scotland, and while the youngest - a mere 60,000,000 years old - were responsible for...

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  • Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

    Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

    By Frank Whaling

    The Brahma Kumaris are a new spiritual tradition. The movement currently has over 450,000 worldwide adherents in more than 100 countries. As with all spiritual traditions, the Brahma Kumaris are different, bewildering, and fascinating in their newness and in their complexity. In 1936, in Hyderabad, India, a...

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  • Understanding Judaism

    Understanding Judaism

    By Jeremy Rosen

    Rabbi Rosen presents a serious and concise overview of Jewish history, theology and practice from Judaism's biblical origins to the present day. The book provides an integrated approach that relates the main developments in Judaism to their historical context. The author is an Orthodox rabbi and academic....

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  • Understanding Islam

    Understanding Islam

    By Cafer S. Yaran

    Islam can be one of the most misunderstood religions. For some people it is a religion of war, while for the others it is a religion of peace. So there is a great need for an academic and sympathetic understanding of Islam. The author introduces Islam...

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  • Understanding Hinduism

    Understanding Hinduism

    By Frank Whaling

    The Hindu tradition can claim to be the world's oldest religion. It has evolved in India over the past 3,000 years. It differs from monotheistic beliefs, such as Christianity, in that there is no identifiable founder, specific theological system, or single system of morality. In this book,...

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