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Dike Publishers (Switzerland), originally founded in 1985, publishes books specializing in law, economics, and social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary books for practical use, research, and courses of study. The publisher's program includes about 300 titles with about 20 series and exceeds 80 titles per year. They currently publish about ten books per year in English, but are in the process of expanding their English language titles. They also publish journals in various topics, including law.

  • A Timely Turn to the Lawyer?

    A Timely Turn to the Lawyer?

    Globalisierung und die Anglo-Amerikanisierung von Recht und Rechtsberufen - Essays

    By Jens Drolshammer

    In the past three decades, the legal process has been increasingly influenced and determined by globalization. From the outset, American law and American legal culture have had an important and decisive influence on this process of internationalization. Until...

    Paper - 9783037511442 - $ 163.00

  • Airport Capacity Allocation with Network Airlines

    Airport Capacity Allocation with Network Airlines

    By Claudio Noto

    This study provides a theoretical framework to investigate the efficiency of different airport capacity allocation schemes under congestion externalities and imperfect competition. The book's innovation is in considering an asymmetric market structure featuring a single dominant network carrier at its hub airport that endogenously differentiates its flights...

    Paper - 9783037518748 - $ 82.00

  • Animal Law - Tier und Recht.

    Animal Law - Tier und Recht.

    Developments and Perspectives in the 21st Century. Entwicklungen und Perspektiven im 21. Jahrhundert

    By Margot Michel, Daniela Kühne, Julia Hänni

    Animal law represents a burgeoning and vibrant field of research. Nevertheless, the jurisprudence of animal law still remains in a state of infancy in Europe - in contrast to...

    Paper - 9783037514535 - $ 84.00

  • Challenging Boundaries. Die Herausforderung von Grenzen. Le defi des frontieres.

    Challenging Boundaries. Die Herausforderung von Grenzen. Le defi des fro...

    Essays in honor of Roland Bieber. Festschrift fur Roland Bieber. Melanges en l'honneur de Roland Bieber

    Edited by: Astrid Epiney, Marcel Haag, Andreas Heinemann

    865 pages

    Publication Date: 1/1/2007
    Format: Cloth
    ISBN: 9783037510322

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

    Cloth - 9783037510322 - $ 231.00

  • Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption

    Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption

    Edited by: Mark Pieth

    The Basel Institute on Governance is an influential not-for-profit organization with particular competencies in corruption prevention and public governance, corporate governance and compliance, anti-money laundering, as well as anti-corruption law enforcement and the recovery of stolen assets. Based in Basel, Switzerland, and associated with the University...

    Paper - 9783037514740 - $ 53.00

  • Collective Crimes - Individual Responsibility: Joint Criminal Enterprise Revisited

    Collective Crimes - Individual Responsibility: Joint Criminal Enterprise...

    A Diversified Approach to Perpetration

    By Andrea Hohener

    Few issues in international criminal law are the subject of such intense discussion and controversy in legal literature and case law as the Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE) and alternative forms of liability in international criminal law. The focus of legal literature and case...

    Paper - 9783037516751 - $ 64.00

  • Comparative Private Law

    Comparative Private Law

    Edited by: Markus Muller-Chen, Christoph Muller, Corinne Widmer Luchinger

    Looking beyond the border of one's own legal system is to embark on a journey with the promise of gaining knowledge of foreign legal systems, as well as a fresh perspective one's home system. This book guides students, academics,...

    Paper - 9783037516997 - $ 78.00

  • Customer Preferences of Very Light Jet Air Taxi Operators

    Customer Preferences of Very Light Jet Air Taxi Operators

    By Tim Michael Böttger

    Very light jets are designed to constitute a new category of small, cost efficient, private jets. Their introduction to the market has been planned for almost a decade and could induce significant changes to the business aviation industry. Among the most discussed effects is the possible...

    Paper - 9783037511770 - $ 42.00

  • E-Democracy in Switzerland

    E-Democracy in Switzerland

    Practice and Perspectives

    By Urs Gasser, James M. Thurman, Richard Stäuber, Jan Gerlach

    Electronic democracy is a relatively new subject of study. However, with the globalization of Internet use, the deployment of information and communication technology to improve democracy has rapidly gained worldwide attention. The authors of this...

    Paper - 9783037512463 - $ 46.00

  • England and the Continent

    England and the Continent

    Distinguishing the Peculiarities of the English Common Law of Contract

    By Eugen Bucher

    Contributions by: Tony Weir

    Since law is indelibly marked by its history, it is hardly surprising that law and legal thinking in England - and the mainly Anglophone countries which follow it - are very different from those...

    Paper - 9783037511800 - $ 33.00