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  • A Book of Rooms

    A Book of Rooms

    By Kobus Moolman

    A Book of Rooms is Kobus Moolman's seventh collection of poetry, which continues the innovative forms and fearless concerns of his two most recent books, Light and After (Deep South, 2010) and Left Over (Dye Hard Press, 2013). [Subject: Poetry]

    Publication Date: 11/3/2014
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9780987028242

    Paper - 9780987028242 - $ 10.00

  • All the Days

    All the Days

    By Robert Berold

    All the Days, Robert Berold's fourth book of poems, reaches further and sings more clearly than his earlier work. The reader will be struck by the spare lucidity of the language, the elemental sense of place - and the way love in the end gets the better...

    Paper - 9780958491556 - $ 18.95

  • ants moving the house millimetres

    ants moving the house millimetres

    By Nadine Botha

    Nadine Botha is a poet who works in forms entirely her own. Her poems have been published in poetry journals such as New Coin and Botsotso. Ants Moving the House Millimetres is her latest work.

    68 pages

    Publication Date: 11/1/2005
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9780958491518

    Paper - 9780958491518 - $ 14.95

  • Call it a Difficult Night

    Call it a Difficult Night

    By Mishka Hoosen

    Using anecdotes, poems, dialogue, and fragments of historical research, Call it a Difficult Night follows a nonlinear path in tracing the life of its young narrator/protagonist. Institutionalised after a 'final break', a young woman remembers in sharp detail her disturbing childhood visions, which have become overwhelming by...

    Paper - 9780987028266 - $ 14.50

  • earthstepper/the ocean is very shallow

    earthstepper/the ocean is very shallow

    By Seitlhamo Motsapi

    This is a redesigned second printing of Seitlhamo Motsapi's acclaimed Earthstepper/The Ocean is Very Shallow, first published in 1996. *** "A very far cry from official New South African pietistic discourse of reconciliation, this collection brilliantly fuses pan-Africanist militancy, romantic spirituality, and scathing attack on neo-colonialism in...

    Paper - 9780958454223 - $ 10.95

  • Head on Fire

    Head on Fire

    Rants / Notes / Poems 2001-2011

    By Lesego Rampolokeng

    This is Lesego Rampolokeng's first book of poems to be published in South Africa since The Bavino Sermons (1999). Head on Fire includes the complete text of The Second Chapter, originally published by Pantolea Press in Berlin in 2003. One measure of...

    Paper - 9780987028204 - $ 24.00

  • I Lost a Poem

    I Lost a Poem

    By Mzwandile Matiwana

    The poems in Mzwandile Matiwana's first book cover a range of subjects, including love, prison, poverty, and religion. Mzwandile Matiwana's poems are deeply felt lyrics, displaying surprising shifts of tone. Many of them were written from prison. They cover a range of experience - love, prison life,...

    Paper - 9780958454292 - $ 13.95

  • In the Heat of the Shadows

    In the Heat of the Shadows

    South African Poetry 1996-2013

    Edited by: Denis Hirson

    In the Heat of Shadows: South African Poetry 1996-2013 presents the works of 32 poets and includes some translations from Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sesotho, and Xitsonga. This collection follows on from Denis Hirson's 1997 anthology The Lava of This Land: South African Poetry...

    Paper - 9780987028235 - $ 25.00

  • Isabella Motadinyane

    Isabella Motadinyane

    Complete Poems

    By Isabella Motadinyane

    Contributions by: Lesego Rampolokeng

    Isabella Motadinyane was born in 1963 in Mofolo Central, Soweto, and died in 2003 in Orange Farm. She used English, Isicamtho, and Sesotho to create a powerful legacy of performance, poetry, and song. On the page, her poems were intense, funny, and...

    Paper - 9780987028273 - $ 11.50

  • Light and After

    Light and After

    By Kobus Moolman

    Deeper and richer than before, Kobus Moolman's voice in the poem cycle 'Light and After' gathers strength to climax in the third section 'Anatomy'. Sometimes terse and astringent, sometimes luxurious, the poems are always specific, rooted in the cycles of earth and body. This is a beautiful...

    Paper - 9780958491570 - $ 9.50