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Copenhagen Business School Press (Denmark) is a specialized academic publisher of books on Management, Economics, International Business and Organization. The press is affiliated with Copenhagen Business School, one of the largest business schools in Europe. They focus on publication, promotion and distribution of English-language titles for the international markets. CBS Press was founded in 1967 as an independent non-profit foundation. Annually CBS Press publishes around 25 new titles. Some of these titles are published in cooperation with Liber AB (Sweden) and Universitetsforlaget AS (Norway).

  • A Social Theory of Innovation

    A Social Theory of Innovation

    By Alexander Styhre

    The contemporary economy is primarily understood through the rationalist and formalist lenses of economic theory and its accompanying (mainstream) theories of organization and management. In this corpus of work, the economy is commonly portrayed as emerging on the basis of the calculated and instrumental use of heterogeneous...

    Paper - 9788763002523 - $ 48.00

  • Accounting in Scandinavia

    Accounting in Scandinavia

    The Northern Lights

    Edited by: Sten Jonsson, Jan Mouritsen

    Scandinavian accounting research is interesting because it continues to be seen as a part of the larger Business Administration community, and because it has built a tradition of seeking its topics of research from practice.

    404 pages

    Publication Date: 3/1/2005
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9788763001533


    Paper - 9788763001533 - $ 60.00

  • Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations

    Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations

    Edited by: Rolf A. Lundin, Markus Hallgren

    This book explores the progress and potential the relationship between project management and modern organizations. It includes research that aims toward developing theories for project management from organizational theory or toward developing project-founded theory. Making this distinction is hard but rewarding work....

    Paper - 9788763002486 - $ 55.00

  • Advertising and Chinese Society

    Advertising and Chinese Society

    Impacts and Issues

    Edited by: Hong Cheng, Kara Chan

    This book examines the social, psychological, legal, and ethical impact - perceived or proven - that may result from advertising in the booming Chinese market. The book provides readers with an understanding of the two-way relationship between advertising and Chinese society....

    Paper - 9788763002271 - $ 63.00

  • Against the Grain

    Against the Grain

    Advances in Postcolonial Organization Studies

    Edited by: Anshuman Prasad

    The sudden collapse of the Western imperium during the middle of the 20th century marked a major shift in world history. Coming in the wake of that collapse, postcolonial theory offers a uniquely inventive scholarly framework for critiquing modern Western colonialism and...

    Paper - 9788763002431 - $ 59.00

  • Bits of Organization

    Bits of Organization

    Edited by: Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes

    The academic study of organizations is in a condition of heterodoxy, where diverse methods and theories collide and compete, gathered together only in the broken net of a name. This book assembles some of the bits that break off in the process of...

    Paper - 9788763002240 - $ 57.00

  • Brand Relations Management

    Brand Relations Management

    Bridging the Gap Between Brand Promise and Brand Delivery

    By Tony ApÈria, Rolf Back

    Brand Relations Management is a book for all those interested in strategy and marketing. The primary intention is to show that both brand promise and brand delivery are necessary in order to build a sustainable brand....

    Paper - 9788763001212 - $ 62.00

  • Branding and Advertising

    Branding and Advertising

    Edited by: Flemming Hansen, Lars Bech Christensen

    Branding and Advertising presents a wide spectre of recent studies and works in the fields of branding, advertising and communication effects. This book presents a series of interesting papers related to advertising and branding.

    473 pages

    Publication Date: 3/1/2003
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9788763001182

    Temporarily out...

    Paper - 9788763001182 - $ 42.00

  • Business Restructuring in Asia

    Business Restructuring in Asia

    Cross-Border M&As in the Crisis Period

    By James Zhan, Terutomo Ozawa

    Business Restructuring in Asia asks whether the post-crisis acquisitions amounted to a "fire sale" of valuable Asian assets. If so, was there truly no other solution? Zhan and Ozawa discuss whether the role of M&A "vulture funds" in crises...

    Cloth - 9788763000871 - $ 38.00

  • Central Europe

    Central Europe

    Core or Periphery?

    Edited by: Christopher Lord

    Leading historians, specialists in art and literature, economists and political scientists from East and West present a stock-taking ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of past era. Russian and German commentators with a perspective from Moscow and Berlin...

    Cloth - 9788763000437 - $ 42.00