• Beer and Brewing in Pre-Industrial Denmark

    Beer and Brewing in Pre-Industrial Denmark

    By Kristof Glamann

    Contributions by: Geoffrey French

    Down through the centuries, beer has remained an essential element in the human diet. Brewing has been a household art, practiced in town and country alike. This book examines historical beer production in Denmark. Brewing made use of one of the nation's economically...

    Paper - 9788776740689 - $ 40.00

  • Build Your Own Wood-Fired Oven

    Build Your Own Wood-Fired Oven

    From the Earth, Brick or New Materials

    By Alan Watt

    For 20 years, author Alan Watt was head of the Ceramics Department of the National Institute of Arts at the Australian National University. Since retiring, he has conducted numerous weekend workshops showing people how to build wood-fired ovens. And now, Watt...

    Paper - 9781921719028 - $ 24.95

  • Distilled Spirits I

    Distilled Spirits I

    Tradition and Innovation

    Edited by: J.H. Bryce, G.G. Stewart

    Production of distilled spirits throughout the world is a remarkable balance between tradition and innovation. The traditions that have led to the production of high quality spirits are described. However, there has been continued change in the agriculture that provides the...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781897676394 - $ 19.95

  • Distilled Spirits II

    Distilled Spirits II

    Production, Technology and Innovation

    Edited by: J.H. Bryce, J.R. Piggott, G.G. Stewart

    The source material for this book originated at the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference - 2005. At that event, organised by the Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, a group of over 250 distillers from...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781904761648 - $ 42.95

  • Distilled Spirits III

    Distilled Spirits III

    New Horizons: Energy, Environmental and Enlightenment

    Edited by: G.M. Walker, P.S. Hughes

    The distilled spirits industry is rapidly embracing new technologies to save energy, protect the environment and embrace new scientific approaches to improve efficiencies. These issues are covered in this book which originated from the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781907284458 - $ 69.95

  • Distilled Spirits IV

    Distilled Spirits IV

    Science and Sustainability

    Edited by: G.M. Walker, I. Goodall, R. Fotheringham, D. Murray

    The distilled spirits industry is rapidly embracing new scientific and technological discoveries to save energy and water and to protect the environment. Science and sustainability issues are covered in this book which originated from the...

    Cloth & CD-ROM - 9781908062895 - $ 85.95

  • Drink and the City

    Drink and the City

    Alcohol and Alcohol Problems in Urban UK, since the 1950s

    By J.E. McGregor

    This book uses Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands of England, as a case study to examine changing attitudes and responses to drinking and alcohol problems in the UK from the 1950s to early 2000s. Based on...

    Paper - 9781908062857 - $ 62.95

  • Food of the Southern Forests

    Food of the Southern Forests

    By Sophie Zalokar

    Contributions by: Craig Kinder

    The Southern Forests region of Western Australia is one of the chief food-producing areas in the whole country. It is home to an extraordinary range of primary producers, from beef to bamboo shoots. Well-known Western Australian chef Sophie Zalokar (from the popular Foragers...

    Cloth - 9781742585512 - $ 59.99

  • Passion for Pulses

    Passion for Pulses

    A Feast of Beans, Peas and Lentils From Around the World [reprint ed.]

    By Nancy Longnecker

    Nutritious pulses such as chickpeas, beans, peas and lentils are easy to prepare, versatile and economical. They are also a low-fat, high-fibre food listed in the 'eat more' category of the Australian Nutrition Foundation's healthy...

    Paper - 9781920694296 - $ 26.95

  • Patissier


    By Emmanuel Mollois

    Contributions by: Karin Calvert

    Celebrated patissier Emmanuel Mollois was born in France's Loire Valley and grew up in Vendee. At 15 years old, his passion for eating became a passion for cooking. After completing an apprenticeship in cooking, Emmanuel worked his way up through various restaurants in...

    Cloth - 9781742584966 - $ 55.00