• Corruption, Greed and Crime Money

    Corruption, Greed and Crime Money

    Sleaze and shady economy in Europe and beyond

    Edited by: Petrus C. van Duyne, Jackie Harvey, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Klaus von Lampe, Almir Maljevic, Anna Markovska

    Corruption, economic crime, and organized crime continue to affect European society. These forces seep through every crack of the structures...

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  • Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs

    Crimes, Harms, and Wrongs

    On the Principles of Criminalisation

    By A P Simester, Andreas von Hirsch

    When should we make use of the criminal law? Suppose that a responsible legislature seeks to enact a morally justifiable range of criminal prohibitions. What criteria should it apply when deciding whether to proscribe conduct? Crimes, Harms, and...

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  • Criminal Fair Trial Rights

    Criminal Fair Trial Rights

    Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights

    By Ryan Goss

    Regarding the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 6 fair trial rights are the most heavily-litigated Convention rights before the Strasbourg Court, generating a large and complex body of case law. This book provides an innovative and critical analysis...

    Cloth - 9781849465502 - $ 108.00

  • Criminal Liability for Serious Traffic Offences

    Criminal Liability for Serious Traffic Offences

    Essays on Causing Death, Injury and Danger in Traffic

    Edited by: Alwin van Dijk, Hein Wolswijk

    The criminal law on serious traffic offenses presents legislators with numerous controversial issues. One such issue is when severe consequences are matched with low moral culpability. How should the law deal with a driver...

    Paper - 9789462364660 - $ 97.50

  • Desistance, Social Order and Responses to Crime

    Desistance, Social Order and Responses to Crime

    Today's Security Issues

    Edited by: Joanna Shapland, Jacques de Maillard, Stephen Farrall, Alex Groenemeyer, Paul Ponsaers

    This book contains a selection of criminology papers that were discussed at the second GERN Doctoral Conference in September 2013, organized by the White Rose Consortium of the Universities of Leeds,...

    Paper - 9789046606933 - $ 55.00

  • Emotions, Crime and Justice

    Emotions, Crime and Justice

    Edited by: Susanne Karstedt, Ian Loader, Heather Strang

    The return of emotions to debates about crime and criminal justice has been a striking development of recent decades across many jurisdictions. This has been registered in the return of shame to justice procedures, a heightened focus on victims and...

    Paper - 9781849466837 - $ 34.00

  • EU Justice and Home Affairs

    EU Justice and Home Affairs

    Institutional and policy development

    By Gert Vermeulen, Wendy De Bondt

    This book offers insight into the historical, institutional, and topical development of EU policy in the area of justice and home affairs, while also being embedded within a broader international context. The main part of the book, dedicated to the...

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  • Facts Matter: A Study into the Casuistry of Substantive International Criminal Law

    Facts Matter: A Study into the Casuistry of Substantive International Cr...

    By Marjolein Cupido

    International criminal law has gained momentum since the creation of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and the International Criminal Court in the 1990s. Through case law, these courts have transformed rudimentary notions of accountability for mass atrocity into comprehensive concepts of individual...

    Paper - 9789462900349 - $ 97.50

  • Fascism and Criminal Law

    Fascism and Criminal Law

    History, Theory, Continuity

    Edited by: Stephen Skinner

    Fascism has been described as 'the major political innovation of the 20th century, and the source of much of its pain.' Brutal, repressive, and, in some cases, totalitarian, the fascist and authoritarian regimes of the early 20th century, in Europe and beyond, sought to...

    Cloth - 9781849465526 - $ 88.00

  • Force & Marriage

    Force & Marriage

    The criminalisation of forced marriage in Dutch, English and international criminal law

    By Iris Haenen

    Forced marriages take place all over the world, both in times of peace and in times of conflict. Media attention and judicial scrutiny have helped place this practice in the legal and political limelight, requiring national...

    Paper - 9781780682525 - $ 90.00