• The International Law of the Sea

    The International Law of the Sea

    Second Edition

    By Donald R. Rothwell, Tim Stephens

    The law of the sea provides for the regulation, management, and governance of the ocean spaces that cover over two thirds of the Earth's surface. This book provides a fresh explanation of the foundational principles of the law of the sea; a...

    Paper - 9781782256847 - $ 60.95

  • Constitutions Compared

    Constitutions Compared

    An Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law (4th Edition)

    By Aalt Willem Heringa

    The new edition of this handbook provides a user-friendly introduction to comparative constitutional law. For each area of constitutional law, a general introduction and a comparative overview is provided, which is then followed by more detailed chapters on the...

    Paper - 9781780683997 - $ 96.00

  • Interpretation of International Investment Treaties

    Interpretation of International Investment Treaties

    By Tarcisio Gazzini

    This book offers a systematic study of the interpretation of investment-related treaties-primarily bilateral investment treaties, the Energy Charter Treaty, Chapter XI NAFTA, as well as relevant parts of Free Trade Agreements. The importance of interpretation in international law cannot be overstated and, indeed, most treaty claims adjudicated...

    Cloth - 9781849462686 - $ 148.00

  • Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Stereotypes and Human Rights Law

    Edited by: Eva Brems, Alexandra Timmer

    Stereotypes are beliefs about groups of people. Some examples, taken from human rights case law, are the notions that 'Roma are thieves', 'women are responsible for childcare', and 'people with a mental disability are incapable of forming political opinions.' Increasingly, human rights monitoring...

    Paper - 9781780683683 - $ 72.00

  • Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

    Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

    Edited by: Saskia Hufnagel, Carole McCartney

    Rapidly evolving efforts to tackle transnational crime entail the exchange of intelligence across jurisdictions and state borders, as well as the 'linking' of law enforcement operations. This book provides a number of different perspectives from across Europe, Australasia, and Canada to examine recent...

    Cloth - 9781849467681 - $ 82.00

  • Addressing the Intentional Destruction of the Environment during Warfare under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

    Addressing the Intentional Destruction of the Environment during Warfare...

    By Steven Freeland

    Through the ages, acts perpetrated during the course of warfare have led to significant environmental destruction. These have included situations where the natural environment has intentionally been targeted as a 'victim' or has somehow been manipulated to serve as a 'weapon' of warfare. Until recently, such acts...

    Paper - 9781780683140 - $ 90.00

  • Between Rights and Responsibilities

    Between Rights and Responsibilities

    A Fundamental Debate

    Edited by: Stephan Parmentier, Hans Werdmölder, Michaël Merrigan

    The last decade has witnessed an increased criticism against the human rights paradigm for its obsession with the 'culture of claims and rights.' According to the critics, this culture has led to an obsession with the rights of...

    Paper - 9789050958868 - $ 84.00

  • Beyond Responsibility to Protect

    Beyond Responsibility to Protect

    Generating Change in International Law

    Edited by: Richard Barnes, Vassilis P. Tzevelekos

    The history of international law is replete with concepts that have generated change: individual criminal responsibility, common heritage of mankind and sustainable development, to name but a few. These are concepts that have influenced the scope, structure and...

    Cloth - 9781780682648 - $ 102.00

  • Complicity in International Criminal Law

    Complicity in International Criminal Law

    By Marina Aksenova

    This book tackles one of the most contentious aspects of international criminal law-the modes of liability. At the heart of the discussion is the quest for balance between the accused's individual contribution and the collective nature of mass offending. The principle of legality demands that there exists...

    Cloth - 9781509900084 - $ 114.00

  • Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Desert in a Reparative Frame

    Re-defining Contemporary Criminal Justice

    By David J. Cornwell

    This work re-configures the concept of Desert within criminal punishment philosophy and practice away from its traditional and predominantly retributive orientation and towards a reparative and restorative mode of criminal justice delivery inclusive of all the stakeholders within the justice process. Its pragmatic...

    Cloth - 9789462366442 - $ 73.50