Biography & Autobiography

  • A Child Alone

    A Child Alone

    By Martha Blend

    In the late 1930s, as the Nazis' grip of Germany and Austria tightened and their persecution of Jews intensified, many Jewish parents were desperate for their children, at least, to escape the terror that threatened them all. The organized exodus of children - the Kindertransport - did...

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  • A Country in Mind

    A Country in Mind

    Memoir with Landscape

    By Saskia Beudel

    The chunk of land bordering Western Australia, South Australia, and Queensland is known as Namatjira. For most of us it is remote; geographically and metaphorically it is the heart of Australia. After a period of loss and much change, Saskia Beudel was inspired to begin...

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  • A Global Citizen

    A Global Citizen

    Letter to My Descendents Part II

    By Niels Aage Skov

    A Global Citizen is the second installment of the autobiography by Niels Aage Skov. It will be welcomed by the many who have clamored for "the rest of the story" after reading Letter to My Descendants, a memoir of his life...

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  • A Man of Intelligence

    A Man of Intelligence

    The Life of Captain Theodore Eric Nave, Australian Codebreaker Extraordinary

    By Ian Pfennigwerth

    Eric Nave, an Australian naval officer, was the first to unravel Japanese naval telegraphy and to break Imperial Japanese Navy codes. Nave's success in penetrating Japan's codes ensured that, in the South West Pacific area, Allied operational forces...

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  • A Matter of Conscience: Sir Ronald Wilson

    A Matter of Conscience: Sir Ronald Wilson

    By Antonio Buti

    Orphaned early in life and brought up by a housekeeper, Sir Ronald Wilson left school at 14 to earn a living as a messenger in the local Geraldton courthouse before subsequently enjoying a meteoric rise in the legal profession to become a justice in the highest court...

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  • A North Light

    A North Light

    Twenty-Five Years in a Municipal Art Gallery

    By John Hewitt

    Edited by: Kathryn White, Frank Ferguson

    Published here for the first time, John Hewitt's autobiography charts his life in Northern Ireland from his early years until his 'enforced exile' in Coventry in 1957. It details his career in the Belfast...

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  • A Troubled See

    A Troubled See

    Memoirs of a Derry Bishop

    By Edward Daly

    A Troubled See: Memoirs of a Derry Bishop continues the story begun in Edward Daly's bestselling Mister, Are You a Priest? (2000), which focused on his years as a curate in the Bogside - a neighborhood outside the city walls of Derry, Northern...

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  • A Very British Subject

    A Very British Subject

    By Barnett Litvinoff

    Publication Date: 1/25/1996
    Format: Paper
    ISBN: 9780853032939

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  • A Village Named Dowgalishok

    A Village Named Dowgalishok

    The Massacre at Radun and Eishishok

    By Avraham Aviel

    This unique and true story of a young boy, skillfully describes the small Jewish agricultural village of Dowgalishok in eastern Poland (modern-day Belarus) and its neighboring towns of Radun and Eishishok. With a loving eye for detail the Jewish atmosphere is brought...

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  • A Woman of Influence

    A Woman of Influence

    Science, Men & History

    By Ann Moyal

    Written during the later years of an extraordinary life, Ann Moyal's memoir is a spirited narrative of her career as an eminent historian of Australian science and technology, while also documenting her three marriages, travelling the globe, the people she has encountered, and the...

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