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Based in Geneva, created in 2000, Academy & Finance is the number one conference organiser in Switzerland in the field of wealth management, estate & tax planning, banking law, energy & resource investing. It published two books on trust law in French which offer an outstanding quality of content, design and binding. Applying the same criteria of quality, Academy & Finance is now increasing its publishing list with books in English language. Its special area of focus includes law, energy and geopolitics.

  • Offshore Company Law

    Offshore Company Law

    By E. Edward Siemens

    This finely crafted and handsomely bound book will be a handy source of information for those working in both the onshore and offshore world, and who truly need to understand the differences between jurisdictions competing in the provision of offshore companies. Through coverage of the specifics...

    Cloth - 9782970060253 - $ 295.00

  • Offshore Secrecy Law

    Offshore Secrecy Law

    Confidentiality and Transparency Respecting Offshore Legal Entities

    By E. Edward Siemens

    There is a common perception by developed countries that individuals and corporations utilizing offshore services are hiding behind a wall of secrecy that facilitates tax avoidance, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism, and, as well, that large amounts of...

    Cloth - 9782970060284 - $ 295.00

  • The Global Guide to Trusts

    The Global Guide to Trusts

    A Systematic Analysis of the Legal Regime and Tax Treatment of Trusts in 21 Jurisdictions

    Edited by: Jean-Marc Tirard

    The Global Guide to Trusts provides detailed answers on the tax treatment of trusts in 21 jurisdictions. This book represents the work of a team of outstanding tax practicioners under the editorship...

    Cloth - 9782970060291 - $ 94.00

  • The Rise of the New Oil Order

    The Rise of the New Oil Order

    The Facts Behind the New Massive Supplies, the Exciting New Technologies and the Emerging Oil Powers of the XXIst Century

    By Paul Michael Wihbey

    The Rise of the New Oil Order demonstrates that there are vast reserves of oil to meet an increasing demand. Oil will remain the world's primary strategic...

    Paper - 9782970060246 - $ 26.00