Aboriginal Studies

  • 'Every Mother's Son is Guilty'

    'Every Mother's Son is Guilty'

    Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia 1882-1905

    By Chris Owen

    Contributions by: Patrick Dodson

    This is a marvellous contribution by Chris Owen to the understanding of the role the Western Australian police force played in the colonial expansion into the Kimberley district of Western Australia.--Senator Patrick Dodson, Yawuru Elder ***Chris...

    Paper - 9781742586687 - $ 50.00

  • A Boy's Short Life

    A Boy's Short Life

    The Story of Warren Braedon/Louis Johnson

    By Anna Haebich, Steve Mickler

    He never knew his name, he never knew his mother, he never knew his family, he never knew his people, he never knew his country. Born Alice Springs, 4th January, 1973, murdered Perth, 4th January, 1992...because he was black....

    Paper - 9781742585079 - $ 17.99

  • A Concise Companion to Aboriginal History

    A Concise Companion to Aboriginal History

    Second, Revised Edition

    By Malcolm Prentis

    This book - now in paperback - is an overview of Australian Aboriginal history, from creation stories involving the Dreaming through to Aboriginal cultural and political activity in the 21st century. Alphabetically arranged entries include biographies, historical events, pioneering work by anthropologists, historical controversies, literature,...

    Paper - 9781921719035 - $ 19.95

  • A Journey Travelled

    A Journey Travelled

    Aboriginal-European Relations at Albany and the Surrounding Regions from First Contact to 1926

    By Murray Arnold

    A Journey Travelled is a pivotal Australian story long overdue for the telling: how Aboriginal and European people interacted with each other following Britain's territorial invasion in 1826, as well as its ongoing presence for...

    Paper - 9781742586632 - $ 39.99

  • A Study in Black and White

    A Study in Black and White

    The Aborigines in Australian History (Third Revised Edition)

    By Malcolm Prentis

    Many changes have occurred in Aboriginal history in the last twenty years...there have been sharp challenges to our understanding of the whole of the past, before and since 1988. The past itself has been even more hotly contested than before...

    Paper - 9781877058783 - $ 29.95

  • Aboriginal Healthworkers

    Aboriginal Healthworkers

    Primary Health Care at the Margins

    By Bill Genat

    Aboriginal healthworkers are employed by Australian primary health care services to help bridge the gap between the Western medical clinic and their own kin. Much controversy surrounds what they can and should be doing. Aboriginal Healthworkers looks at what healthworkers do, what...

    Paper - 9781920694760 - $ 35.95

  • Aboriginal People and Their Plants

    Aboriginal People and Their Plants

    By Philip A. Clarke

    This book - now in paperback - provides an overview of indigenous relationships to plants in Aboriginal Australia. The book spans the gap between botany and indigenous studies, treating the study of plants as a window upon which to delve into Aboriginal culture. The topic of...

    Paper - 9781921719059 - $ 29.95

  • Aboriginal Plant Collectors

    Aboriginal Plant Collectors

    Botanists and Australian Aboriginal People in the Nineteenth Century

    By Philip A. Clarke

    As world exploration expanded in the 17th century, explorers of Australia were amazed to discover the unique plants and animals they encountered in the 'Great Southern Land.' Back in Europe, scholars craved for exotic specimens to challenge the...

    Cloth - 9781877058684 - $ 39.95

  • Aborigines & Activism

    Aborigines & Activism

    Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to Australia

    By Jennifer Clark

    The popular saying goes that if you can remember the 60s then you weren't really there, but the 60s are much more than a hazy mixture of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The story of the coming...

    Paper - 9780980296570 - $ 35.95

  • Australian Plants as Aboriginal Tools

    Australian Plants as Aboriginal Tools

    By Philip A. Clarke

    This book shows what types of plants were used to make Aboriginal weapons, tools, shelter, watercraft, ceremonial objects, clothing, ornaments, and paint. The book also shows how hunter gatherers lived, and it demonstrates the differences across Aboriginal Australia. It is jointly concerned with the ethnobotany and...

    Cloth - 9781921719493 - $ 49.95