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Aalborg University Press (Denmark) was founded in 1978 and publishes a wide range of research and teaching materials. Special focuses include: political science, media studies, sociology and cultural studies. Most authors are affiliated with Aalborg University, but being an international orientated University quite a few of the authors, and especially contributors to anthologies, are international scholars. Likewise the majority of the English books deal with issues that are universal, such as globalization, social science in a broad sense, media discourse, etc

  • A Fisheries Management System in Crisis

    A Fisheries Management System in Crisis

    The EU Commom Fisheries Policy

    By Jesper Raakjær

    Despite the fact that tremendous effort and many resources have been invested in improving the performance of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), the crisis in the EU fisheries management systems worsens year by year. This crisis has prevailed almost since the CFP was...

    Paper - 9788773079751 - $ 52.95

  • A Shipload of Women's Memories

    A Shipload of Women's Memories

    Narratives across Borders

    By Ann-Dorte Christensen, Marit Benthe Norheim

    This book is based on 18 life stories, as told by women over the age of 70 with roots in 27 different countries. Each story is analyzed as a unique account of individual experiences with strength, pain, and love. At the...

    Cloth - 9788771126006 - $ 32.00

  • Bridge in Berlin

    Bridge in Berlin

    Fragments of a journey between Necropolis and Elysium

    By Ole Pihl

    This graphic novel is a phenomenological poetic journey in time and space discovering the bridge's importance, exemplified and told from a certain bridge in Berlin: Friedrichsbruecke at the Museum Island. One of the protagonists in the book is the great...

    Paper - 9788771125764 - $ 32.00

  • Catalyst Architecture

    Catalyst Architecture

    Rio de Janeiro, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen

    By Hans Kiib, Gitte Marling

    Catalyst Architecture raises a discussion in regard to architecture's role as a catalyst for urban development. Through the study of eight architectural projects in large cities on four different continents, the book's focus is placed on how architecture...

    Cloth - 9788771122237 - $ 59.00

  • Changing education through ICT in developing countries

    Changing education through ICT in developing countries

    Edited by: Marianne Georgsen, Par-Ola Zander

    This book discusses how information and communication technology (ICT) can play a vital role in developing education and therefore developing communities, countries, and regions. Through examples of current research in developing countries, a number of highly relevant questions and topics are dealt with,...

    Paper - 9788771120790 - $ 47.00

  • Conceptual and applied approaches

    Conceptual and applied approaches

    to self in culture in mind

    Edited by: Tia G. B. Hansen, Kristine Jensen de Lopez, Peter Berliner

    Human beings are inherently cultural beings - growing up in an environment that is steeped in culture and developing our self-construal accordingly. The psychology book series Self in culture in mind...

    Paper - 9788771121018 - $ 39.00

  • Constructing History, Society and Politics in Discourse

    Constructing History, Society and Politics in Discourse

    Multimodal Approaches

    Edited by: Inger Lassen, Jeanne Strunck, Torben Vestergaard

    The contributions in this collection examine media discourse through widely differing approaches. However, in spite of their seeming differences, they all share the quality of being concerned with news discourse and strive to find new ways of analyzing news...

    Paper - 9788773079485 - $ 45.95

  • Cultural Text Studies 1

    Cultural Text Studies 1

    An Introduction

    Edited by: Camelia Elias, Bent Sorensen

    Cultural Text Studies is a research project initiated by the Department of Languages, Culture and Aesthetics at Aalborg University. The present introductory volume launches a series of themed monographs which will be edited by researchers at the Dept., occasionally aided by friends...

    Paper - 9788773077535 - $ 29.00

  • Cultural Text Studies 2

    Cultural Text Studies 2


    Edited by: Camelia Elias, Andrea Birch

    Cultural Text Studies is a series of themed monographs, edited by researchers at the Dept. of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Aalborg University and associates and friends of the Dept. The purpose of the series is to be a forum for the publication...

    Paper - 9788773077542 - $ 29.00

  • Culture and Identity in Organisations

    Culture and Identity in Organisations

    A Discourse Perspective

    Edited by: Lise-Lotte Holmgreen

    Culture is an all-pervasive concept and phenomenon that exerts influence on our social lives in many different ways, not least in business and working life. Taking a discursive - and practice-related - approach to culture and intercultural collaboration, this book offers insight into a...

    Paper - 9788771120431 - $ 54.00