• A Handful of Sand

    A Handful of Sand

    The Gurindji Struggle, After the Walk-off

    By Charlie Ward

    Fifty years ago, a group of striking Aboriginal stockmen in the remote Northern Territory of Australia heralded a revolution in the cattle industry and a massive shift in Aboriginal affairs. Now, after many years of research, A Handful of Sand tells the story behind the Gurindji people's famous Wave Hill Walk-off in...

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  • Breaking the Shakespearean Code

    Breaking the Shakespearean Code

    King Lear, Gunpowder and the Scholarship of 'Innocent Fraud'

    By Mike Wilcock

    Mike Wilcock, author of a groundbreaking study of 'Shakespeare and the Director,' offers a major reading of King Lear in this important book. With forensic skill and tenacity, Wilcock uncovers the textual and historical evidence that makes King Lear one of Shakespeare's most complex and provocative plays. This compelling...

    Cloth - 9781909325807 - $ 90.00

  • Danish Literature in the 20th and the Early 21st Century

    Danish Literature in the 20th and the Early 21st Century

    By Anne-Marie Mai

    Contributions by: John Irons

    'How did Denmark, shaken to its core by doubt and misfortune as the 20th century began, rise to assume its pre-eminent place in the modern social-democratic imaginary? A monumental work of scholarly synthesis that is also inspired by the New Historical eye for the glittering fragment, Anne-Marie Mai's history of modern Danish literature...

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  • Irish Fine Art in the Early Modern Period

    Irish Fine Art in the Early Modern Period

    New Perspectives on Artistic Practice, 1620-1820

    Edited by: Jane Fenlon, Ruth Kenny, Caroline Pegum, Brendan Rooney

    This richly illustrated book presents the finest contemporary research on Irish fine art from the 17th and 18th centuries. It was during this period that the luxury commodities which comprise fine art-sculpture, painting, miniatures, prints-became signifiers of the 'cultured' lifestyle emulated by...

    Paper - 9781911024354 - $ 45.00

  • Japan's Ultra-Right

    Japan's Ultra-Right

    By Naoto Higuchi

    Contributions by: Teresa Castelvetere

    This book is a comprehensive account of the nativist movement in Japan today. Naoto Higuchi uses the life histories of activists to establish that the basis of their support for the movement is their conservativism rather than social or economic stress. He reveals the logic behind the emergence of the nativist movement by...

    Cloth - 9781920901936 - $ 84.95

  • Migration and State Power

    Migration and State Power

    Edited by: Frank Jacob

    The actual situation in Europe seems to emphasize that our modern society is still not ready to accept migration as an important part of human history. Instead of welcoming immigrants and refugees with open arms, state power is trying to restrict asylum for those who are in need. The reasons, why people leave their home countries...

    Paper - 9783958080409 - $ 42.00

  • Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks

    Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks

    Edited by: Fintan O'Toole

    Contributions by: Catherine Marshall, Eibhear Walshe

    100 artworks have been chosen for this beautifully illustrated book to represent each year from 1916 to 2015. They trace the story of Ireland's creative output from the revolutionary period until today. The story that emerges through these 100 works is not one of artists gradually finding their place...

    Cloth - 9781908996923 - $ 50.00

  • Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela

    Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela

    Reflections through the eyes of poets

    Edited by: Munzhedzi James Mafela

    In this innovative anthology of essays, Munzhedzi James Mafela brings together voices that give a radically fresh perspective on the life and work of Nelson Mandela. In a groundbreaking multi-lingual context, contributors view the life of Mandela through the prism of poetry written about him. The poetry-in a number of...

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  • Solving Statelessness

    Solving Statelessness

    Edited by: Laura van Waas, Melanie J. Khanna

    Since the 1990s, interest in statelessness has been steadily increasing within academia, among governments, at the UN, and among civil society organizations. Research projects, mapping studies, and doctrinal discussions have helped to clarify the challenges faced, as well as what is at stake. This has led to a fresh sense of...

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  • The Art of Law in Shakespeare

    The Art of Law in Shakespeare

    By Paul Raffield

    Through an examination of five plays by Shakespeare, the author analyzes the contiguous development of common law and poetic drama during the first decade of Jacobean rule. The broad premise of the book is that the 'artificial reason' of law was a complex art form which shared the same rhetorical strategy as the plays of Shakespeare. Common...

    Cloth - 9781509905478 - $ 99.99

  • The EU Gas Laws

    The EU Gas Laws

    Edition 2016-2017 (Three Book Set)

    Edited by: Helmut Schmitt von Sydow

    European gas legislation is becoming increasingly complex and detailed since the introduction of an energy chapter by the Lisbon Treaty and the adoption of the third internal market package in 2009. The voluminous body of binding legislation is completed by guidelines, network codes, and interpretative documents issued by the European...

    Paper - 9789491673078 - $ 529.00

  • Tribing and Untribing the Archive

    Tribing and Untribing the Archive

    Set (Volume One and Volume Two)

    Edited by: Carolyn Hamilton, Nessa Leibhammer

    The pernicious combination of tribe and tradition continues to tether modern South Africans to ideas about the region's remote past as primitive, timeless, and unchanging. Any hunger for knowledge or understanding of the past before European colonialism remains to a significant degree unsated in the face of a...

    Paper - 9781869143398 - $ 96.50