• American Beasts

    American Beasts

    Perspectives on Animals, Animality and U.S. Culture, 1776-1920

    Edited by: Dominik Ohrem

    In American history, animals are everywhere. They are a ubiquitous presence in myriad historical, literary, biographical, scientific and other documents and narratives of the American past - a past that, just like the present, was characterized by a multiplicity of relations between humans and other animals, ranging from intimate...

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  • Australia's Northern Shield?

    Australia's Northern Shield?

    Papua New Guinea and the Defence of Australia Since 1880

    By Bruce Hunt

    This book is the first to draw extensively on the recently released highly classified notes of the cabinet room discussions of successive Australian Governments, from 1950 to the mid-1970s. It details the changing attitude of the nation's leaders towards the place of Papua New Guinea in Australia's defense...

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  • Defence and National Security of India

    Defence and National Security of India

    Concerns and Strategies

    Edited by: C. Vinodan

    With over 1.3 million active personnel, India is the world's third largest military force. India was the largest importer of defense equipment in 2014. The Government of India has launched the 'Make-in-India' initiative to indigenize manufacturing and reduce dependence on imports, including defense imports and procurement. The beginning of the 21st century saw a...

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  • Divine Hospitality: A Christian-Muslim Conversation

    Divine Hospitality: A Christian-Muslim Conversation

    By Fadi Daou, Nayla Tabbara

    Contributions by: Alan J. Amos

    In face of unprecedented awareness of religious diversity, as well as the dangers of conflict, interreligious dialogue has become vital. Yet, these authors maintain, it is the commitment to think together about religious faith and our inherited traditions that genuinely moves mutual understanding to new levels. Here is such...

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  • General History of Religions in China Part I

    General History of Religions in China Part I

    Edited by: Mou Zongjian, Zhang Jian

    Contributions by: Chi Zhen

    Religion and belief have played vital roles in the history of Chinese culture. This major two-volume work [Volume I: ISBN 978 1 84464 269 4 / Volume II: ISBN 978 1 84464 270 0] examines China's fascinating history of religion and the winding path that each religion has taken...

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  • God, Man and Domesticated Animals

    God, Man and Domesticated Animals

    The Birth of Shepherds and Their Descendants in the Ancient Near East

    By Yutaka Tani

    This book is a fascinating exploration into how European attitudes that measure human achievements by their extent of control over nature is a cultural and historical product of the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean world. The subject matter is the emergence of domestication, the history and...

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  • Is it OK to Laugh About it?

    Is it OK to Laugh About it?

    Holocaust Humour, Satire and Parody in Israeli Culture

    By Liat Steir-Livny

    For many years, Israeli culture recoiled from dealing with the Holocaust from a humorous or satirical perspective. The perception was that a humorous approach might threaten the sanctity of its memory, or evoke feelings of disrespect towards the subject and hurt Holocaust survivors' feelings. But, from the 1990s, a new...

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  • Liberal Democracies and the Torture of Their Citizens

    Liberal Democracies and the Torture of Their Citizens

    By Cynthia Banham

    Cynthia Banahm analyzes and compares how the United States's liberal allies responded to the use of torture against their citizens after 9/11. Did they resist, tolerate, or support Bush Administration policies concerning the mistreatment of detainees when their own citizens were implicated, and why? Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada are liberal democracies sharing similar political cultures...

    Cloth - 9781509906840 - $ 82.00

  • Living in God without God

    Living in God without God

    By Roger Lenaers

    Contributions by: Dan Farrelly

    Leadership in the Church has still not taken account of atheistic modernity and its values. God still appears as a majestic figure on a throne up above, promulgating laws like any earthly monarch, and judging and punishing the guilty. Traditional ethics, based on the Ten Commandments which God is supposed to have given...

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  • The Attempt to Uproot Sunni-Arab Influence

    The Attempt to Uproot Sunni-Arab Influence

    A Geo-Strategic Analysis of the Western, Israeli and Iranian Quest for Domination

    By Nabil Khalife

    Contributions by: Joseph A. Kechichian

    In the aftermath of popular uprisings that unleashed the quest for freedom, Arab governments scrambled to limit sectarian divisions, though much of these efforts came to naught. Regrettably, weak governments fell into carefully laid traps, aimed to divide and rule. Protracted...

    Paper - 9781845198541 - $ 34.95

  • The Rationality of Dictators

    The Rationality of Dictators

    Towards a more effective implementation of the responsibility to protect

    By Maartje Weerdesteijn

    A non-democratic system of government is an important risk factor for the perpetration of atrocity crimes, meaning genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing. At the 2005 World Summit, the international community accepted the responsibility to protect populations from these crimes when the domestic state is...

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  • UVF


    Behind the Mask

    By Aaron Edwards

    Contributions by: Martin Dillon

    UVF: Behind the Mask is the gripping and shocking history of the Ulster Volunteer Force, from the formation of its post-1965 incarnation up to the present day. Aaron Edwards, who grew up in the Protestant working class community in North Belfast, blends rigorous research with unprecedented access to leading members of...

    Paper - 9781785370878 - $ 25.00