• A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals

    A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals

    Pigs, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep and Goats

    By Robert Blair

    Authored by renowned animal scientist Robert Blair, who has a peerless reputation in organic livestock nutrition, A Practical Guide to the Feeding of Organic Farm Animals aims to translate the science of feeding organic livestock and distil it into practical guidance for farmers and producers. The latest research is broken down into...

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  • Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    Alcala Zamora and the Failure of the Spanish Republic, 1931-1936

    By Stanley G. Payne

    The Second Spanish Republic (1931-36) was the only new liberal democratic regime to emerge in Europe during the 1930s. Historians, however, have focused primarily on the Civil War of 1936-39 that followed, devoting much less attention to the parliamentary regime that preceded it. This book deals with the history and failure of the democratic polity in...

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  • Dark Convicts

    Dark Convicts

    By Judy Johnson

    It is a little known fact that eleven African American convicts arrived in Australia on the First Fleet in 1788. Two of these ex-slaves were the author's ancestors. In extensively researched poems, award-winning writer Judy Johnson vividly portrays scenes from her black forebearers' lives, both before transportation and afterwards, in the fledgling colony of New South Wales....

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  • Different Paths Towards Sustainable Biofuels?

    Different Paths Towards Sustainable Biofuels?

    A Comparative Study of the International, EU, and Chinese Regulation of the Sustainability of Biofuels

    By Taotao Yue

    Biofuels are promoted as a type of renewable energy from biomass that replaces fossil fuels in transportation in an attempt to achieve the three-fold objectives of energy security, rural development, and GHG emission reductions. However, the increased consumption and production of biofuels have...

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  • Healthcare Fraud, Corruption and Waste in Europe

    Healthcare Fraud, Corruption and Waste in Europe

    National and Academic Perspectives

    Edited by: Misja Mikkers, Wolf Sauter, Paul Vincke, Jos Boertjens

    Healthcare fraud, corruption and waste are a serious and growing threat to the sustainability and the quality of European healthcare systems. For many years, a lack of objective information and hard evidence has stood in the way of finding efficient and effective solutions to...

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  • Mad To Be Normal

    Mad To Be Normal

    Conversations with R.D. Laing (Second Edition)

    By Robert Mullan

    Re-released with a new introduction to coincide with a film of the same title (directed by the author), Mad To Be Normal is the memoir R.D. Laing never lived to write. In the last two years of Laing's life, he recorded hundreds of hours of conversation with Robert Mullan in which he...

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  • The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland

    The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland

    The Making of a Myth

    Edited by: Peter Crooks, Sean Duffy

    From the earliest moments of their involvement in Ireland, the Geraldines (or FitzGeralds) - the greatest of the Anglo-Norman dynasties established in Ireland after 1169 - became shrouded in myths, often of their own creation. This fund of mythology was later appropriated for political and polemical uses by writers...

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  • The Lawyers Who Made America

    The Lawyers Who Made America

    From Jamestown to the White House

    By Anthony Arlidge

    No other nation's creation, both politically and socially, owes such a debt to lawyers as the United States of America. This book traces the story of that creation through the human lives of those who played important parts in it: amongst others, of English lawyers who established the form of the original...

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  • The Modern Judge

    The Modern Judge

    Power, Responsibility and Society's Expectations

    By Mark Hedley

    Contributions by: James Munby

    Sir Mark Hadley's aim in this book is to be frank rather than scholarly about judging. The trial judge is in a very different position to the appellate judge. The trial is where the facts are determined, and it is essentially a trial judge who exercises the powers of...

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  • Transnational Litigation and Commercial Arbitration

    Transnational Litigation and Commercial Arbitration

    An Analysis of American, European and International Law (Fourth Edition)

    By Joseph Lookofsky, Ketilbjorn Hertz

    Transnational Litigation and Commercial Arbitration is a case-oriented study of the key rules and procedures that regulate the resolution of commercial disputes arising in a transnational context. The study explains and compares European and American rules of private international and procedural law. Each case is...

    Cloth - 9788757436327 - $ 192.00

  • Volcanoes of Europe

    Volcanoes of Europe

    Second edition

    By Dougal Jerram, Alwyn Scarth, Jean-Claude Tanguy

    Volcanoes are intimately tied to the history of humanity, they help forge the Earth's crust and atmosphere, and they are very much an active feature of today. The archaeology of most ancient civilizations of Europe preserves the imprint of spectacular and volcanic phenomena while, in modern times life is still...

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  • Winds Over Jerusalem

    Winds Over Jerusalem

    The Story of Rae Landy, Pioneer Nurse of Hadassah

    By Debbi Perkul

    Winds Over Jerusalem provides a rare, eyewitness account of Jerusalem 1913-15, a critical period in history, through the lens of two American Jewish women. It adds insight and understanding to the complex relationship that still exists between American Jews, Israel and the United States government. On a brisk winter...

    Paper - 9781910383421 - $ 24.95