The Tree in the Lightworld

A Study in the Mandaean Vine Motif

By Jon Olav Ryen

In The Tree in the Lightworld, the author examines the vine symbol in Mandaeanism, the only surviving Gnostic religion from ancient times. Most Mandaeans still live in their traditional areas in southern and southwestern Iran. The book shows how the vine is a significant symbol in this religion and that it occurs very often in Mandaean literature compared to other Gnostic and Jewish writings. The motif provides a broad variety of meanings, with the Tree of Life as the most important symbolic content. Additionally, the book shows how the vine symbol is also connected to both dark and light beings in the universe, and the author looks at the striking parallels between the Mandaean vine and Jesus' famous words about the vine in the gospel of John.

352 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788274772717

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