Keeping Chickens

Practical Advice for Beginners (Ninth Edition)

By Beate Peitz, Leopold Peitz

Contributions by: David Adams

Providing a practical and easy to follow guide, including covering the basics of poultry husbandry, this is an ideal book for beginners interested in keeping chickens. The authors are experienced smallholders and share their advice with the aim of keeping healthy, happy chickens. The physical and behavioural attributes of domestic chickens are discussed in detail, advice on laying hens, breeding and raising chicks, housing, and feeding. Nutrition and health maintenance are also covered, along with egg production, slaughter, collecting eggs and poultry meat products, and egg-based recipes. Keeping Chickens is highly illustrated and adapted from the bestselling German book in its 9th edition. Beate and Leopold Peitz are both agriculturalists with extensive production animal keeping experience. [Subject: Farm Life, Chicken Keeping, Agricultural Science]

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ISBN: 9781910455593

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