Jewish Theology and World Religions

Edited by: Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Eugene Korn

Now Available in Paperback! The contributors to this volume represent a range of disciplines and denominations within Judaism but share the conviction that articulating contemporary Jewish views of other world religions is an urgent objective. Their essays show why a Jewish theology of world religions is a priority for Jewish thinkers and educators concerned with reinvigorating Judaism's contribution to the contemporary world and maintaining Jewish identity and continuity. *** "An indispensable title for graduate and undergraduate programmes emphasizing world religions and interfaith/interreligious dialogue . . . Highly recommended." --R. A. Boisclair, Choice *** "The rich volume under review portrays theological reflections on Jewish identity, Jewish norms concerning other religions, and Jewish relations with non-Jewish "others" . . . also new perspectives are offered and there is a sincere search of possible inspiration from other religions." --Ephraim Meir, Modern Judaism *** "These skilfully edited essays are rich food for reflection and future work . . . It is this kind of creative thinking-regardless of past historical experiences and the foundational texts of the Jewish religious tradition . . . that might well prove a substantial breakthrough in both the present and the future for all religious communities in contact with each other . . . One hopes that this project is only the beginning of several volumes addressing the multitude of questions, observation, and insights raised herein." --Steven L. Jacobs, H-Judaic [Subject: Jewish Studies, Religious Studies]~

Publication Date: 8/11/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781906764920

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