The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference

With a New Introduction

By David Berger

'Years from now, this work will likely be seen as a primary text that formed part of the internal Jewish debate.' - N. R. Deutsch, Choice *** 'Passionate, powerful, brilliant...This is simply the most important book of Judaism - not about Judaism but of Judaism - to appear this year, and the most urgent in decades.' - Jacob Neusner, Jerusalem Post *** 'Throughly engrossing book...Berger's abiding Orthodox religious commitment, deep familiarity with religious texts and ideas, and specialized training in historical scholarship have singularly positioned and qualified him to embark on this defense of Judaism...Astute historian that he is, he offers trenchant and compelling explanations for this lack of aggressive Orthodox reaction to this latest false articulate, thoughtful, and passionate book.' - Benny Kraut, Shofar *** 'Compelling...imperative reading, as it carefully and systematically documents the true nature and scope of contemporary Lubavitch missionary work.' - Allan Nadler, Forward *** 'Carefully and vigorously argued...a compelling, jarring, deeply disturbing polemic and precisely what Professor Berger intended it to be: "[A] memoir, a~history, a religious tract, an indictment, a lament, and an appeal." It is passionate, yet scholarly and precise. Its message is emotional and religiously inspired, yet its careful treatment of evidence bears the unmistakable mark of a seasoned scholar.' - Yaakov Kermaier, Tradition *** 'A courageous and important book...carefully and clearly argued, and generally persuasive...enhanced, in this regard, by its memoir form, which draws the reader into Berger's legitimate agony as his awareness of the problematics of Chabad messianism grows along with his equal despair that no one else seems to care.' - Lippman Bodoff, Midstream *** 'The principle is right, the passion is right, and the deeply classical nature of David Berger's book is very moving. It is rare that the scholarly study of Judaism so intensely engages with living Judaism. Berger's erudite ferocity is exhilarating.' - Leon Wieseltier

240 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781904113751