Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 8

Jews in Independent Poland, 1918-1939

Edited by: Ezra Mendelsohn, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Antony Polonsky

In the period between the two world wars, Poland's Jewish community of three million was second only in size to that of the United States, and was the laboratory in which the ideological orientations which dominated the Jewish world-Zionism, Bundism, Neo-Orthodoxy, assimilation-were tested. There has been much disagreement as to the character and strength of antisemitism in Poland at that time, and the extent to which it aided the Nazis in carrying out their genocidal plans. This volume of Polin includes contributions from Poland, western Europe, Israel, and North America that together provide a clearer understanding of the issues which have in the past proved so divisive. It also includes a number of personal testimonies from people who experienced the interwar period at first hand.

480 pages

Publication Date: 7/22/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781904113225