Faith Schools in the 21st Century

(Policy & Practice in Education series No. 23)

Edited by: Steven J McKinney

Faith schools are in the news all over the world. Are they a good thing or a bad thing in a modern pluralist society? This volume examines that contemporary debate concerning faith schooling, using a variety of conceptual and educational lenses. Edited by Stephen McKinney, this collection provides a scholarly, in-depth, detailed examination of the key themes in the current debate. The contributions are not written from a particular form of faith schooling but reflect the great variety and diversity in faith schooling across the English speaking world. Each examines the debate from both internal and external perspectives. The book first provides an overview of the key features of the contemporary academic debate around faith schools. This is followed by an examination of the relationship and coherence between faith schools and the expectations of education within liberal democracy. Further on, it explores the interface between faith schools and citizenship, and discusses the challenges of including students who are not Catholics in Catholic schools. Faith Schools in the Twenty-first Century concludes by postulating possible futures for faith schooling. This is a collection that reflects the international dimension of the debate in the English speaking world. Contributions from leading academics in the UK are complemented by scholarly contributions from the US and Australia. As such, it will appeal to student teachers preparing to teach in faith schools, as well as to educational administrators grappling with a fierce debate.

79 pages

Publication Date: 12/30/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781903765814